3 Great Ideas for a New Small Business

If you are finding that the corporate world is no longer your cup of tea, you should consider starting your own small business. As an owner of a new venture you’ll be able to call all the shots and work for yourself for a change. Starting a new business is exciting and it’s fun to wake up each day with energy and a zest for life that you didn’t have when you were in the corporate world. There are many different choices you can make regarding the type of entrepreneurial venture you want to birth. You can design and sell a unique product, provide services that your customers need or even create a thriving community with monthly membership fees. On that note, let’s take a look at three great ideas for a new small business.

Bicycle Repair

With the pandemic sweeping the nation and most of us spending endless hours at home, bicycle sales are booming. In some places there is even a long wait to get bicycles. Being cooped up has rekindled our interest in being able to cycle through less crowded streets and parks and really see some of the world again. The huge surge in bicycle popularity will result in a shortage of people who can easily do repairs. You’ll have an eager waiting list of customers who want your help fixing things that go wrong. In order to make additional money, you can consider selling cycling aftermarket products and perhaps even offering a bicycle storage service for customers during the cold winter months.

RV Repair

With the pandemic reducing airline travel and keeping people from vacationing in the midst of the crowds, RV sales have skyrocketed. Recreational vehicles allow families to stay together without having to be shoulder to shoulder with all the other tourists. You can even go boondocking and camp for free on federal land if you really want to immerse in nature and stay safe too. If you buy an RV, there’s a surprise they don’t tell you about. Wait times and backlogs for repairs can literally stretch for months. 

There are many stories of four month waits and service problems at the national RV dealerships. You can train and get certified as an RV repair specialist and run your own business. To get certified, many companies are now offering practical training and sessions via Zoom videoconferencing. You can easily transcribe Zoom meeting audio and video to text if you use a transcription service. This will give you access to the material for easy reference long after the meeting ends. What kind of money can you make? Dealers charge $129 to $150 per hour, so you can charge $100 and do the work at the customer’s campsite. If you work full time you could make $200,000 a year.

Cleaning Service

If you can adapt your marketing pitch to today’s new realities, you can offer specialized cleaning services that are designed to mitigate the virus on surfaces, in the air and more. By doing the proper research you can come up with disinfectant sprays and products that are certified to provide the cleaning and protection people need. You can also call customers before you arrive so they can isolate in a single room in the home while you and your team do your work. When the commercial market recovers, you can target your marketing toward picking up bigger corporate clients. One husband and wife team doing cleaning work mentioned that not only did they make great money each year, but their son was able to put himself through college working only part-time. Together, the husband and wife team made around $135,000 annually working no overtime.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.