3 Equipment You Need To Open A Startup Restaurant

Starting your own business is an excellent idea, but have you researched the necessary restaurant equipment to have? The equipment you’ll need will determine the type of restaurant you want to open. Whether it’s fast food, fine dining, coffee café, large-scale, or mid-scale, the equipment can either make or break your restaurant’s performance, so it’s best to get the right equipment per your restaurant’s requirements. 

It’s advised to have a list of vital equipment to open a startup restaurant. A checklist will help you specify the essentials you’ll need to get a complete look at your restaurant. Don’t forget that the amount of your equipment will also vary depending on the estimation of your restaurant. In addition, there are things to consider before buying this equipment, and not all brands will be successful. 

However, you need not worry; the article below will help you with the essential equipment you need to have to deliver the desired results for your restaurant. 

  1. Kitchen Equipment 

Kitchen equipment is one of the essential items you need to open a startup restaurant. However, it appears different from the ones you have in your home kitchen because of its size and type. To purchase restaurant kitchen equipment, you’ll need to go for a restaurant-grade. Below is the kitchen equipment that you cannot do without: 

  • Refrigerators and freezers 

This is important because of those perishable products in your kitchen. Buying refrigerators and freezers are one thing but knowing what to buy is another. You should do your research to know about the various types, operations, qualities, and sizes to have in your restaurant. You can visit interfridge.co.nz to check their special offers and custom refrigerators designs. 

  • Counters 

Like any other equipment, the counter’s size depends on your restaurant’s size. The counters should be stainless steel for it to handle corrosion, resists food traces like meat juices, and can take harsh cleaning products that are primarily used in commercial kitchens. Even though there is a way to clean your kitchen appliances to ensure no hidden bacteria, investing in quality stainless steel counters and cutting surfaces is advised to reduce maintenance costs. 

  • Ovens 

This doesn’t need any specifications; any type and size are available to fit any space in your kitchen. A combination oven is mainly preferred because it combines both conventional and standard ovens, which are both necessary in a restaurant kitchen. This oven helps explicitly you save space. 

  • Safety Equipment 

Proper safety equipment is an important essential to have in any business, more so in your restaurant. Before starting a business, an inspection is done to ensure everything is set up, including the customer’s safety. Also, it’s essential to consult with the local fire department before purchasing any safety equipment, like fire and sanitation, to prevent any risks.  

The unfortunate reality is that fire is expected in the restaurant business. And these will not only cause investment losses but can also lead to injuries and death. If you’d like to avoid such cases, check on the fire safety strategies you need to implement in your restaurant

  1. Front Of The House Equipment 

Once your kitchen area is in place, you’ll have to switch your concentration to the front-of-the-house equipment. This means where your customers will be served: tables, chairs, dispensers, menu boards, salt shakers, glassware, silverware, paper goods, etc. Your front will be determined by the type of restaurant you’re setting up. If it’s cuisine or fine dining, you’ll need specific equipment to serve your guests.  

When buying your front-of-the-house equipment, remember that your customers will be directly in touch with them, so regardless of which type and where you’ve got it, ensure it’s presentable, user-friendly, and well-functioning. 

  1. Operational Equipment 

In this era, no manager or owner wants to pressure themselves with operating the restaurant manually. There are invented equipment that helps make operations seamless, for instance, in general billing, managing the inventory, customer management, analytics, and reporting. Having this in your restaurant will enable you to collect your business tracks wherever you are. 

It’s essential to have this before you begin your operation for you to be able to detect losses as soon as possible. Operational equipment will enable you to track your discounts and the sales reports and order your stocks with the proper calculations. 


Having a restaurant equipment checklist is one way of planning a successful investment. We all know a restaurant needs several pieces of equipment to operate well. One thing for sure is not to rush when buying and planning a shopping list. Take your time to consult other experienced owners who have ventured into restaurant investment to be aware of the disclaimers. 

The article above illustrates some vital equipment you need to open a startup restaurant, but also look for high-quality items that will last you a long time and make sense to your kitchen layout. 

June McGown