3 Best Ways to Start Trading Online in Brazil

With the increasing growth of new technology and the proliferation of mobile devices, people are now finding new ways to earn a living.

Traditionally, you had to have a “real” job with a physical place to go to, but now, people are earning at the comfort of their homes.

Globally, trading online is gaining prominence, with an increasing number of people ditching their full-time day jobs to invest in online trading.

Though trading online is growing on a massive scale globally, it`s still a relatively new concept in Brazil.

However, trading online in Brazil is slowly and gradually gaining traction, and it`s generally becoming more accepted.

With the internet connection on the rise, more Brazilians now have the world of opportunities lying ahead, and it`s up to them to knock the door choose the path that suits their interests.

If you`re new to the world of trading online, we shall guide you and show you the three relatively easy ways to start your journey.

1) Binary Options

In financial trading, Binary options refer to a type of financial instrument that allows you to bet on whether a specific item will increase or decrease in value over a pre-determined period.

Though binary trading has been existence for a long period, it only came to the limelight, with the introduction of online trading platforms.

It`s a form of “betting” on price fluctuations of particular options. If you bet correctly, you win a predetermined sum, and if you bet wrongly, you lose all you cash.

Assets that can be used for Binary Trading range from physical commodities such as the price of oil, stock, major currencies and even indices that are freely traded in the world market and national exchanges.

The simplicity of the Binary Options makes this platform an attractive choice since you`ll only have two possible outcomes to consider.

However, as they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Binary Options is also known as “all-or-nothing” trading option because if you make a wrong move, it`s goodbye to your investment.

Nevertheless, the Binary Options trading risks can be reduced significantly by choosing a reliable broker.

Besides providing you with a trading platform, a Binary Options broker will manage the many complexities of risks and money management principles.

My personal favorite, IQ Options Brasil, for instance, offers unlimited demo accounts that will allow you to take a “test run” first by practicing with the demo systems before risking your capital.

Alongside with the demo account, what we like most about IQ Options provides a comprehensive resource guide that entails learning materials that should get you started on Binary Options.

If you`re looking to get into Binary Options, IQ Options Brasil is a good place to start, and you can read the full IQ Option review in Brazilian Portuguese here.

2) Forex Trading

Forex trading is simply trading one currency for the other.

The term Forex is an abbreviation of FOR- for foreign, and EX-for exchange, foreign exchange.

Currently, it`s the biggest online trading option globally with a daily turnover of over 5 trillion.

To trade in Forex, you`ll need to select a currency pair, decide on the type of Forex trade, decide whether to buy or sell, add orders, monitor your trade and the close your trade.

Unlike Binary Options, Forex trading is more complex requiring vast knowledge on the factors that may affect the value of currency including geopolitical, economic health of individual countries, inflation, government debts, among others.

A second distinction between the two is probably the fact that Binary Options works on a predetermined period, whereas Forex trading does not have a set period. With Forex, you only close your trade when the odds are in your favor, and this might be anywhere between a minute to months.

Again, with such complexities, new traders often find it hard to make any gains in the Forex Trade.

Therefore, it`s essential that you liaise with a reliable broker to help you get started on Forex and I would recommend IQ Options Brasil brokers.  

You can always rely on their services for your utmost Forex experience.

3) Cryptocurrencies

Unless you live in a hole, you must know or at least have a clue of what cryptocurrencies are.

But for the sake of convenience, let me say it: Cryptocurrencies are digital coins that are not regulated either by the banks or government.

Some of the notable cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, and EOS.

To trade on the cryptocurrencies, you`ll need an e-wallet and an exchange platform

An e-wallet is a secure place that allows you to store your Cryptos, while an exchange, like the name suggests, is a platform used to trade your cryptocurrencies.

There`re a myriad of ways to trade your cryptocurrencies. However, my preferred choice is using Cryptocurrencies brokers.

For instance, IQ Options Brasil allows their clients to buy and sell their digital coins by the price set by the broker.

Essentially, the exchange happens between buyer/seller and IQ Options, and not the buyer to seller.

Why I like this arrangement is that it`s a straightforward process, and removes, offers clarity, and removes the possibility of theft.


It`s not a secret that the options of trading online are limitless.

However, the above three should get you started.

Choose an option that suits your needs, and one that commensurates with your financial goals.

If you`re still not decided on which one to go with, you can reach to IQ Options Brasil for guidance.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.