3 Best Seed to Sale Point of Sale Systems

Navigating through the complex cannabis regulations and rules surrounding its legalization can be a daunting task. It comes with lots of responsibilities, and you have to be keen enough to keep track of all the transaction records, the law, your employees, and keep your business running seamlessly. Such tasks require you to have tax compliance and payroll tools.

Things are, however, getting better and more comfortable with the help of seed point of sale systems, which have come in to make inventory management, transactions procession, and compiling data and reports much easier and less time-consuming. The main challenge, however, comes in selecting the right POS to match your needs and make your operations seamless. Implementing the right Point of Sale will not only help improve customer services but also, it is essential for optimizing sales and increasing productivity. The right system should be good enough to address all your challenges, such as tracking purchases and ensuring compliance. It should make it easy for you to comply with the law.

We have reviewed the top 3 best seed POS to make your search for the right one more manageable.

  • Biotrack

With more than 20,000 users and approximately ten years of experience, Biotrack is one of the best seed-to-sale POS for dispensaries. The system is primarily designed to help in tracking seed-to-sale operations, assist in data reporting, and enhance compliance. Some of the system features and benefits include;

Cultivation operation – this system does more than helping in sales management. With this, you can monitor the cannabis plants, right from the planting period to harvesting. It enables you to streamline the cultivation process and workflow by offering you with essential aspects to help maximize yields and profitability.

What’s more? It helps you track thousands of plants from the Point of Sale system. This makes it easier and convenient for you to follow up on cultivation aspects and determine what needs to be changed or improved.

Monitor the purchase limits – the purchase limit is among the vital compliance regulations that you must observe, and this solution helps you do precisely that. It enables you to determine the maximum marijuana that you can sell per day. It varies from one state to another, which makes it hard for you to monitor, but with this system, everything is much more comfortable.

  • Greenbits

This system provides users with an all-round solution, including compliance features, management, and customer engagement. With this system, you do not have to worry about getting other tools to help you manage seed sales. Greenbits have proven to not only be powerful but also, it is the perfect solution to enhance accuracy and reliability in your dispensary. It guarantees you that all transactions will be tracked automatically, thus reduced the chances of making any mistakes. Even better, it is super easy to use and does not require expertise. Some of its features and benefits include; 

Enhances fast transactions – fast transactions are the key to better customer services, especially as your business grows. You will have many people coming to your dispensary every day, and with this solution, keeping your customers waiting for long to be served will be a thing of the past. It processes transactions swiftly and accurately, hence increased productivity. The employee mistakes that can result in losses will be emanated and be sure of making more sales and, eventually, more profits. 

Easy publication of menus – this system helps you to publish business menu online automatically. This is super essential for customers as they will always be informed of the available products. You will also have an easy time managing your business since the system will publish the menu automatically.

It is a great reporting tool – inventory management and reporting should always be on top of features to consider when getting a seed POS system. The features enhance compliance and save you from making mistakes that could lead to losses. Greenbits entail a range of tools to help you track inventory in real-time, which in return provides maximum flexibility. It allows you to personalize reports so it can only display what you choose to.

3. MJ Freeway

The first best part of this system is that its easy to use and the fact that it is among the few cloud-based seed POS systems. This solution is ideal for cultivation, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and delivery businesses. Its primary purposes are growing, manufacturing, selling, and tracking. Some of its features and benefits include;

Mobility – this system allows you to monitor and manage your dispensary remotely, thus enhanced flexibility. Incorporating the system in your business enables you to collect data, watch activities, and view information remotely from any device regardless of where you are. With MJ Freeway, you don’t have to be in your business premises to monitor the operations; you can log in into the system from anywhere and check what is happening in your business. This, in return, helps in increasing efficiency, especially since you can free some staff from the office.

Better data collection – the solution connects your dispensary across different systems and locations, and this provides you with a comprehensive indication of everything that happens across different dispensaries in different places. The information gives you clear insight into various aspects such as customer count, availability of inventory, daily sales, and real-time revenue and profits. Here you will be in a position to quickly know the financial status of your seed business and performance within a specified period as well. 

The aim of incorporating a POS in your business is to increase accuracy, productivity, and profit, and that is precisely what you get from these three systems. It is up to you to select one which meets your exact needs and expectations. However, sometimes, you might be required to integrate two or even more systems to enjoy all the features you need in your seed business. There are many seeds to sale point of sale on the market today, take your time and evaluate different systems to check if they can solve all your business problems. Involve experts in your search for the best point of sale for your seed business. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.