10 Tips to Maximise Your Bathroom Space

The bathroom is a small square area for hygiene and domestic work. Designs

 are everything to decide the space of your bathroom. The designs and utilities installed in the bathroom will determine the amount of space and area. By using a strategic layout, you are supposed to enjoy a big bath area. Smart bathroom appliances and accessories in your bathroom will provide you with the best results. 

Are you facing problems due to less bath space in your bathroom?

There are a lot of ways to maximise the bath space of your jack & jill bathroom layouts, using a smaller pedestal sink, using mid-size furniture to keep hygiene accessories, and many more. The top 10 tips to maximise your Bathroom space are given below, read them and apply them in your bathroom if you want to maximise the bath space.

#1 Use Shelving

When it comes to storing extra accessories like tissue papers, towels, etc, the area above your bathroom door is the perfect one. In ordinary bathrooms, the area is kept blank due to which the extra accessories need to be kept at the bottom and they utilize more space, hence your bath space will reduce. Other than space utilization the shelf will be eye-catching and liked by guests who visit your home. It will provide you with a perfect space for showcasing bath products and trinkets. 

#2 Eliminate the unused

The most important strategy to maximize the bath space is removing or eliminating unused things. One day go through your bathroom and decide what you need or what you do not. Check whether you need 6 towels and 5 shampoo bottles? They are useless stuff that grabs more space. 

#3 Soft colours should be painted on walls

It is scientifically proven that using dark colours will make the room look smaller and denser, especially when it comes to bathrooms, if you are facing a space issue then please paint your bathroom with light colours it will automatically make you feel more space. 

#4 Ise mid-sized sink

The size of the pedestal Sink is another biggest factor that determines the size of a bathroom. If your bathroom is small and medium-sized then you are advised to install a lean model of a pedestal sink. Other than consuming less space it will provide a good-looking interface to your bathroom. 

#5 Add Cabinets For Extra Storage

Instead of placing bath products and accessories at the bottom, try to install separate cabinets on the high place of the walls. Use swiping cabinet doors to avoid utilisation of space when opened. These small changes will make you save every bit of space in your bathroom. 

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#6 Instead of folding roll your towels

You are supposed to roll your towels instead of folding them after use because flooding them consumes more space. If you roll and hang them on hangers, they take very less storage space. Hence, the small change will allow you to save a little bit of bath space. 

#7 Streamline the Vanity

If you want the free floor of your bathroom then using a lean model of vanity is a perfect choice. Vanity is one of the things that hold up more volume on the floor. It is better to use a wall-mount vanity to free up floor space. It will mount the wall and provide you with extra space on the floor. 

#8 Use a Big Mirror

Have you noticed the size of your mirror? Yeah, it also determines the bigger interface of your bathroom. If you are using a small mirror then extend it both horizontally and vertically, the reflection of the mirror makes you feel more space in your bathroom. 

#9 Use a glass enclosure in the bathtub/shower area

It is looking weird if your bathtub and shower space isn’t enclosed by glass fences. They will provide you with privacy and also maximize the space of your bathroom. It will create a visual divider between the main area and the shower area. 

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#10 Never forgets the ceiling

Using a great vaulted or tray ceiling directly adds extra volume and space to your bathroom. Add bright lighting between the ceiling to make it more luminous, it will create an illusion and your bathroom seems bigger. 


Small bathrooms can be corrected using good and reasonable strategies. Above are the 10 best tops to add up the extra volume to your bathroom. Try them and see the unbelievable changes. If you wanted to make your bathroom feel bigger? Then follow the tips above.

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