10 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in San Antonio

What are the common mistakes in website design? What should businesses avoid doing when designing their website? Putting up a website for your business and keeping up with other different social media techniques would help your business reach people who would otherwise not know anything about your business and purchase your products. That is where San Antonio Web Design services. They are there to help you attract more customers. Here are 10 common web design mistakes to avoid in San Antonio.

1.   No Security

Security is one of the most important things that your customer values, so in order to help your site be secured you need to have a valid HTTPS certificate to ensure the users that your website is safe to use on any device, ensuring their safety.

2.   Font size, style, and color

Make sure that the font size, style, and color are all coordinated and they can read the words on the website. If your website has a font size and font color that would cause them to not be able to read anything on your page, then that would be a very big problem. Use colors that would not strain their eyes, font sizes that would help them distinguish the title and the body of the texts, and font style that would easily be readable for them.

3.   Social Media links

The placement of the link on your social media would really determine whether or not your potential customers would stay. You have to make sure that you put your links at the bottom of the page so that they would have already seen the content of your website before they go to your social media page so that it would create more traffic on your website.

4.   Updated content

You have to constantly update your content because customers would not even bother reading and exploring further once they notice that the content you put out is not at all updated. If you want your customers to stay and not look to another website for answers, then you have to post fresh content and update these daily.

5.   No Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that is being used by a lot of businesses to put their website up in the ranks of the search engine so that people would easily be able to see and access your website. Having a team that specializes in this would really help you rank higher.

6.   Call to Action

Getting a lot of traffic would not mean a thing if your customers are not engaging and doing tasks that they are supposed to do so adding a call to action is the best way you could fix that. Make the instructions clear and don’t be afraid to converse and reach out to them through these small things.

7.   Lacking Information

You have to make sure that everything that is on your website, every detail and interest are all laid out in your website because if they see that they don’t have the answer to the question they have in their mind, then they would venture out and look for answers towards other websites, leaving your website and lessening the engagement.

8.   Mobile Friendly

Everything is accessible on the phone these days, so making your website mobile-friendly is a must nowadays. You have to make sure that your website would be able to fit on a smaller screen because the phone would not adjust to the layout of your website. Make sure that your website would still have the same quality and speed when it is on the computer browser.

9.   The website is taking too long to load

You are going to have to make adjustments to how your website looks and the tools that you could find in your website when you notice that your website is taking too long to load. Optimize your images, check on your plugins, and test your website before you launch it to avoid these kinds of situations because your customers would not have the longest patience in the world. If they are waiting for a long time, they will click off the site immediately.

10.                 Poor design and layout

Designing your website in a way that would attract your customers while making sure that it is completely functional would heighten the chances of your customers wanting to stick around and explore your webpage more. Having it all neatly mapped out and organized would lead them to easily be able to access your products and services.

Knowing the basics hows and whatnots are important in managing your website and the customers who visit your site. Stay on top of everything by seeking help from web design services to make sure that you are doing the right things.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.