Why Every Small Business Needs a Blog

Why Every Small Business Needs a Blog

Over 400 million people read at least one blog post a month based on WordPress statistics. According to Forbes, small businesses that have a blog receive approximately 55% more traffic to their website than small businesses without a blog. The more traffic your website receives the more customers you’re likely to attract.

Blogs are an excellent marketing strategy as long as they are well written and grammar check is performed before posting the blog to your small business site.

What to Blog About

Most websites come with a blog option integrated into them if not you can have your web designer add one. The next question is what do you write your blog about, many blogs focus mainly on the product the small business is selling or services they are providing. This helps to answer any questions and establish the small business as an authority on the topic.

While other blogs are a mixture of their product/services and general interest topics. General interest topics that are evergreen are golden blog posts for any website. The blogging wizard offers 60 plus blog ideas to help get your blog up and running.

How to Write a Successful Blog Post

In order for your blog post to be successful your readers have to want to read it, snappy eye-catching titles that will inform or entertain readers and of course evergreen content is always a plus because it never becomes ‘old news’.

Your blog posts should be professional but not dry and boring. Always write for the readers not for yourself or small business. Once you have a good following, your readers will expect regular blog posts of equal quality. It’s a good idea to plan your blog posts out and make sure you post them regularly.

Outsourcing the Blog Posts

Not all small business owners have the time to write their own blog posts a lot of time and energy goes into running a small business and some small business owners are not very good writers either way if you need help with your blog posts you have a few options. Hire a professional freelance writer to create and write your blogs.

Accept guest posts some websites pay for guest posts while others allow the writer to link back to their website in the bio section of the post. This is beneficial especially if the writer is offering a product or a service that compliments your businesses product/service.

One the most important issues to address when outsourcing your blog posts is keywords. You want to make sure either you provide the SEO keywords/keyword phrases, or your writer has access to a good keyword search tool such as Google. If the wrong keywords are used your blog posts may never be found hence neither will your website. Lastly you must make sure a grammar check is completed before the post is submitted grammarly free trial is an excellent choice. You want your readers to be able to enjoy the posts.