Why Companies and Individuals Need Immigration Lawyers

Small businesses and individuals can use immigration attorneys for different things. Individuals and small businesses can use immigration attorneys when they need to get work visas. An immigration lawyer can help with the paperwork and forms. A married visa lawyer can help with issues like getting a visa for a foriegn spouse. 

What is a Immigration Lawyer?

An immigration lawyer is a lawyer who focuses specifically on immigration law. That means they understand the legal requirements for immigrating to and from one country, as well as the responsibilities individuals have once they move to another country.

What Can an Immigration Law Attorney Do?

An immigration lawyer focuses on different areas of immigration law. Immigration lawyers might work specifically with immigrants who need work visas or are currently in the United States on a work visa. They can also help people who are marrying a foreign citizen and need assistance getting a green card or citizenship. Similarly, immigration lawyers can help you file the paperwork to get citizenship if you want to become a citizen. An immigration lawyer can do a lot for you depending on your situation.

  1. They can simply give advice if you want to know what documents you need to file or how much something costs, or what the deadlines are for a given situation. You don’t necessarily need to work with an immigration attorney to do some basic paperwork on your own or gather documents that you need, but they can certainly give you advice on where to begin before you use them for other services.
  2. They can file paperwork on your behalf. In some cases this also includes going to court on your behalf depending on the situation and the circumstances. Working with an immigration attorney means you don’t necessarily have to worry about deadlines and proper forms and understanding things that are not in a language with which you are comfortable.
  3. They can represent you in court for things like deportation proceedings. If for some reason you are about to be deported, you have to go to a hearing at the importation court and immigration attorney can help you with your case.

When Should I Hire a Immigration Lawyer?

You should consider hiring an immigration lawyer as a business or an individual when you need help with any legal matters. When it comes to immigration law there are plenty of situations where if you don’t follow every single step specifically, you won’t be able to get what you want and many people who try to figure out immigration issues without the help of an attorney miss crucial steps at the beginning which can compromise their ability to succeed later.

So, you might consider working with an attorney if you want to know your eligibility for a green card, or if you are a company looking for workers who need green cards to come and work for you.

You could also work with an attorney when you are trying to start an immigration application that has been refused or denied in the past. These are situations for individuals who might still want a green card or citizenship and have had trouble before.

Individuals can work with immigration attorneys once they have received notification that deportation proceedings are starting against them, or when they are trying to seek Asylum. 

Some people who are currently living in a foreign country with a work visa or green card might find themselves in a tricky situation where they have been convicted of a crime like a DUI and now they’re trying to prevent themselves from being deported. These are all those situations where an attorney can be a great help.

People who are engaged or recently married to someone who is of another citizenship can rely on advice from attorneys to help them facilitate the proper documentation and visas, and down the line citizenship.

What will an immigration attorney cost me?

The cost of an immigration attorney is going to vary based on the situation. Businesses, for example, who want to hire individuals regularly from overseas or who operate an overseas branch might consider keeping an attorney on retainer so that they can turn to them for any situation without having to pay based on each case but rather they simply pay based on every month that they use their service.

In all other cases the cost will come down to the attorney you hire and your situation. Certain situations like a very simple application might cost only a few hundred dollars while comprehensive visas and interview prep or Court hearings can cost a few thousand dollars.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.