Why and How Should You Buy a Lavalier Mic for DSLR

The audio clarity and visual quality of a video are as critical as the content of the video. Therefore, it’s essential to use high-grade recording equipment to avoid glitches in the shooting process. Using a regular USB microphone to record your audio will negatively impact your video’s quality.

Using lavalier mics facilitate hassle-free recording since the equipment does not have to be held or operated separately. You will have no trouble finding a good lavalier mic even if your budget is a little less than $100. However, there are many mic-related points you should understand and consider before buying the best lavalier mic for DSLR video recording.

What is a Lavalier Mic?

A lavalier mic, also called a lav, clip mic, lapel mic, or neck mic, is a microphone device that you can clip to a person’s clothing. Typically used in talk shows, interviews, stage performances, and public speaking, this mic facilitates easy, hands-free recording. These mics are generally miniature-sized, not bigger than 2 cm.

You can hook the mic to the presenter’s clothes and ask them to interact with you or the audience as if the process involves no mic. The mic is usually very close to the recorder’s lips. Hence, the device captures even the slightest sounds during the presentation. In addition, they provide a high-frequency boost to the whole recording process. 

Why Choose a Lavalier Mic?

There are several reasons to choose lav mic for DSLR recording purposes. The demand for these mics has gone up by over 83% since 2001, and lav mics continue to be the most popular mic choice in the digital world.

They are Affordable

Lav mics are more cost-effective than other complex microphone equipment. While they may not be ideal for vocal song recordings and studio-based recordings, they are ideal for stage recordings, outdoor recordings, and other casual shooting and recording. Good-quality lav mics come in different price ranges. You do not have to invest an excessive amount of money to buy a high-grade lav mic. However, you may note that premium-grade lav mics that are more expensive also offer better quality and vocal clarity.


Lav mics don’t have to be held or attached to amplifiers or plugs. The mic will remain attached to the presenter’s clothing and will be barely noticeable. You don’t have to go through the task of hiring and employing specialist mic operators or audio equipment managers while using a lav mic. Instead, the presenter or the speaker can focus on talking without worrying about handling and adjusting the mic.

While there are different types of mics, you can record your audio during an interview, documentary, or other videos; a lavalier mic is considered the best for audio clarity and convenience. 

They are Omnidirectional

Though the mic is placed very close to the speaker’s lips, it can also pick up background sounds from all directions. While some experts consider this as a disadvantage, others believe that this feature can capture the interview or talk organically and realistically. Experts also argue that audio engineers can edit the recording and delete noises they do not want while retaining the background noises they do want to include in the video.

How to Choose a Lav Mic

Finding the best lav mic for DSL would be challenging since there are so many excellent options available in the market.

Define Your Audio Quality and Clarity requirements

High-priced lav mics can deliver exceptional recording quality and clarity. However, you may not need such high-quality levels if you only use the mic for personal interviews, video logging, or other informal purposes. Conversely, if you choose the lav mic for public speaking, you may want to choose a high-quality mic. You will also have to choose between omnidirectional mics and cardioid mics. 

Device Compatibility

It’s crucial to choose a lav mic that is compatible with your DSLR and other technical equipment. You can plug specific lav mics directly into your DSLR. The mic should also work with your editing tools and other audio-based equipment. A mic that is easy to handle and that requires minimal manual effort for functioning will be ideal.

Reviews and Ratings

The reviews and ratings offered by users on various review platforms and shopping sites can help you make an informed choice. For example, it may be best to invest in a high-quality mic with high ratings, even if it is expensive. 

Final Thought

Lav mics are better than shotgun mics for interviews and other speaking events. You can easily find high-quality lav mics at very affordable prices. It’s critical to buy from a reputed brand that you can trust.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.