Why (and How) Companies Move to New Jersey

Despite the common criticisms of New Jersey’s heavy taxation and strong regulations atmosphere, major corporations relocate here for many reasons, such as the state’s major airports and shipping ports, a high standard of living for themselves rather than their employees, and a well-developed transport system. 

In addition, biopharma, medical services, logistics/distribution, banking sectors, new tech, and smart manufacturing all have industry groupings in New Jersey, allowing firms in such sectors to connect to specially-trained job markets and niche consulting law offices, finance companies, etc.

Main Reasons Why a Company Relocates

It’s never a good idea to make a hasty judgment when it comes to your office. Long-distance relocation may be expensive, interrupt business operations, even limit your potential to grow. So why do company owners decide to transfer their operations?

A shift in location may provide opportunities for the company that were not previously available. The minimal expense of employing long-distance movers as well as the danger of relocating the enterprise are outweighed by the potential revenue gain. It takes a lot of thought to come to this conclusion, and it typically involves several of the following cases. 

You can decide whether or not to relocate to New Jersey by considering the following factors. It’s best if you can transfer your office to New Jersey after buying a house or renting an office floor in advance. If you have any queries, you can read through them to learn more about relocating a company to a new place. 

  1. The New Location Provides Tax Breaks and Incentives to Help Your Organization Succeed

Many towns around the country are using tax rebates and incentives to entice new firms. New Jersey is a great illustration of this. To recruit more firms that can benefit their neighborhood, local officials have authorized a variety of relocation and growth benefits in recent times.

  1. The Present Location of the Company Is Declining

Several of today’s companies have seen firsthand how a city may swiftly deteriorate as a result of the Great Recession. Most companies find it far more difficult to thrive when their state’s economy is tanking, particularly if they rely on the regional market for income. Places like New Jersey and Detroit offer real-world instances of mass flight resulting from local economic deterioration.

  1. Overall, the Cost of Running a Company is Lower

Lowering operating expenses is among the most popular motivations for firms to move. From one area to the next, the cost of conducting business might vary dramatically. The expense of establishing and operating a business is one of the most pressing considerations. Energy costs alone may decide whether a company is successful or loses money month after month.

  1. The Company’s Facilities Must Be Upgraded

Startups typically begin small and grow into larger, more well-equipped facilities. When it comes time to relocate, many firms realize that their existing city has no growth potential. Companies have multiple alternatives at this point: establish a facility or migrate to some other city. Most firms lack the funds and time necessary to construct a building and modernize their systems. Relocating is the more convenient and cost-effective choice.

These businesses are in a good position to profit from a move since they are already aware of the issues that are impeding their growth. By searching outside their surrounding area, business owners increase their odds of finding the optimal site for the company’s demands and income-generating needs. 

However, this necessitates a precise definition of what a new site must provide. When you spend the time to properly explore all potential possibilities and analyze all of the aforementioned variables, the danger of relocating is generally less than the benefits.

  1. Another City Provides a Higher Standard of Living

Employee satisfaction is important since it influences productivity. As it’s simpler to hire top-quality workers in a location with a higher quality of life, this can ultimately decide the company’s performance. Cost of living, high-quality education facilities, the cultural environment, recreational alternatives, crime rates, medical centers, and the status of the neighboring regions are all elements that affect the quality of life.

  1. Expansion and Development

The major reason a corporation decides to relocate is that their existing location is no longer large enough to satisfy their needs. Any potential office space planning must account for enough space for the company’s development and expansion. You will not outgrow your space before the contract ends if you do this. It is easy to figure out just how much area you’ll need for your office.

  1. Organizing Offices

Some businesses simply have more services and area than they require, so there’s no sense in extending a lease if they don’t intend to use the area. Consolidating to smaller office areas might boost productivity and boost employee morale: there’s nothing quite like sitting in a half-empty workplace.

  1. Renewal and Expiration of Leases

A basic office lease extension or expiry allows businesses to evaluate their alternatives, assess the market, and try to get the best offer available.

  1. Better Amenities or Restructuring

Companies frequently discover that their present office buildings are too old to execute the work effectively, or that they would like to upgrade their brand by shifting to more contemporary facilities. Relocating to a more modern workplace may significantly improve a company’s brand image, provide additional space, and boost productivity.

Use software to assist you to choose a workspace that suits all of your needs. It’s a helpful resource that may set you up for your workspace needs and assess whether an office is a good fit for you.

Why Do Companies Choose to Move to New Jersey?

When you relocate to a different state, you must be willing to adapt, but with so much to offer, adjusting to a new office in New Jersey may be simpler than you think. Beautiful landscape, a reduced cost of living, outstanding schools, and superb transportation are all available in New Jersey. Furthermore, its closeness to New York City allows many individuals to work in the city despite living in New Jersey at a lower cost. We’ll explore why living in the Garden State is so tempting.

Housing at a Lower Cost

New Jersey is a famously costly area to live in, with Hudson County being one of America’s richest counties. However, the residential possibilities will be far less expensive than in New York. Given that New York City is by far the most costly city in the country, it should go without saying that New Jersey has a lower cost of living. 

New Jersey is far less expensive than New York City. Manhattan has a typical house price of $965,00, while Jersey City has an average house price of $337,000, and Newark has an average house price of $210,000.

Close to Major Cities

One of the most appealing advantages of moving to New Jersey would be that inhabitants may enjoy the beauty of living in a small town while still having easy access to many large cities. Residents may easily travel to many of the largest and most populated and dynamic cities, such as New York City, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia, for a day trip. 

Moving to New Jersey allows you to jump in your car and easily access the culture, cuisine, and activities of these huge cities without having to live amid the chaos. Moreover, the location allows inhabitants to work in many of these large cities while residing in a more tranquil and affordable suburb.

Excellent Job Prospects

New Jersey has a population of about 4.5 million individuals that work in a range of sectors. Many hospitals and colleges are based in New Jersey. Many small enterprises and non-profit institutions may be found throughout the state.

Phenomenal Education System 

New Jersey’s educational institutions are frequently ranked among the best in the country. The state features multiple top-rated public education districts and the country’s second-highest quality of education. Several schools and institutions, including some famed universities, are also located there.

Beautiful Views of New Jersey

New Jersey has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, and you can see a lot of it by enjoying a fast road trip. North Jersey has some stunning mountains that give inhabitants year-round spectacular vistas. Skiing, trekking, backpacking, and fishing are all popular activities in the mountains. People may also experience mountain biking, running, bird viewing, horse riding, and other activities at state and municipal parks. 

Even during summertime, residents travel to South Jersey to enjoy the state’s amazing beaches. The Jersey Shore is a 141-mile stretch of beautiful coastline ideal for resting on the beach, strolling down the boardwalk, enjoying the lively nightlife, or peacefully swimming in the ocean.

Make the Move and Relocate to New Jersey!

Relocating from one city to another can be difficult, which is why you should choose a reliable moving company to help you with the shift. A professional moving company can assist you at every stage of the process, from assisting you to wrap and load your possessions to securely transporting and unpacking them.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.