What You Need to Start Your Own Car Repair Shop

Opening your own car repair shop can be immensely profitable if you provide quality services at reasonable prices. The right equipment like that of a mobile lift is important to be able to work on the customer’s car in an efficient manner. Most people do not want to leave their car at the shop for weeks so efficiency should be a focus. Equipment should be quality or you need to find quality equipment repair companies. Lifting jacks repairing is a great example as these are specialized machines. We will dive in below into the other things you need to start your own successful car repair shop.

Trustworthy Mechanics

Trustworthy mechanics are imperative to find as there could be some that try to steal current customers. Doing work on the side is one thing for a friend or family member, directly stealing a customer unfortunately is far more common than many people realize. This will mean that paying a decent wage will be required so the mechanic doesn’t have to try to make extra. You also do not want a mechanic lying to customers simply to line their pockets when it comes to repairs.

Online Marketing Plan

The right online marketing plan can work wonders for a new car repair shop. The number one aspect that needs to be addressed is garnering good customer reviews. You will never get all positive reviews as people do not understand the costs of certain parts and labor. Building up a good reputation on Google Reviews is essential as is making sure that you rank on the search engines. Search engine rankings can drive business and leads like a businessowner can’t believe. Take the time to find a marketer that has worked in the auto industry before. This direct experience can yield results as local digital marketing is far different than national digital marketing.

Conveniently Located Garage

You need exposure which is mentioned above but a garage close to a large population will have a high volume of customers. These spaces usually cost more due to the income potential and increased competition that larger cities boast. You want to have enough room to service multiple cars at once. There are advantageous businesses to be near to like that of a rental car business. If you can get this business you will be able to have a consistent stream of repairs. Offering a discount can make all of the difference as being the point business to help keep cars on the road is going to be profitable.

Opening a car repair shop is going to be tough work as the business niche can be very competitive. Take the time to write out a business plan before you put down any money.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.