What to Consider While Buying Outdoor Chair Covers

Outdoor chair covers are very important in ensuring proper protection of your outdoor furniture and getting the best value for money. Most of the time, you may be leaving your outdoor chairs open to various environmental elements like the intense heat of the sun, heavy rain, snowfall, and so on. With this, it is a recommendable move that you keep the chairs well covered when not in use.

As most homeowners are not used to buying outdoor chair covers so frequently, they may get easily confused while getting onto these products online or offline. Here, in this article, we will discuss a few things to consider while buying outdoor chair covers to ensure that you get the best product and full value for money.

Always consider waterproof

The primary objective of getting an outdoor furniture cover is to keep your valuable chairs and other types of furniture safe from rainfall and moisture. You may find that all these providers claim they offer waterproof chair covers, but make sure that these are capable of withstanding drizzle and heavy rainfall.

The best material to consider for water resistance is vinyl. Vinyl chair covers will allow the water to roll off the cover like beads, which will keep the furniture inside dry. Vinyl covers can also help protect your chair from any debris and dust and protect the chair cloth.

Get covers with a breathable design

Breathable outdoor chair covers are also ideal to consider because these will allow the moisture to get trapped inside the cover and ensure good air circulation. These materials have small pores when built into the fabric, allowing air circulation between the furniture and outside of the cover. Without this, furniture may fight mold and mildew developed on the surface. These may damage the furniture over time. However, while making sure of getting breathable material, also make sure that it will not let water get inside when being exposed to rain.

Outdoor chair covers with soft cloth backing

While looking for outdoor chair covers, you can also consider those with a soft cloth will not scratch or dent the surface of your furniture. This is very important if you have stained wood material as your outdoor chairs. When left on the furniture for long, the normal covers may rub the paint off and damage the finished coating. Always purchase covers that have soft cloth backing to avoid such problems.

Covers with tie downs

This is a small feature but very important when you consider outdoor chair covers. Tie downs will keep your cover safely tied onto the legs of your chairs so that it will not be blown off or come down during rain or storms. So, look for this extra feature while you are considering chair covers.

At online stores, you have the option to do a custom search by using all these properties as filtering criteria to look for features. Once you get the best available options with all these features, you can easily compare them to identify which one is ideal for your requirement and budget.

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