What to Consider When Outsourcing React JS Developers and Software Developers

Whether you want to create a web application or interactive user interface, there is one web development technology that often ranks above the rest: React JS. Its effectiveness has seen it being utilized by the likes of Apple, Dropbox, and Netflix. 

In fact, React JS is used by over 40% of software developers.

Due to this combination of prevalence and usefulness, it makes sense for a company exploring software development to focus on React JS. Yet building an in-house team is off the table for many organizations due to the time and money required. 

That’s where outsourcing moves to the forefront.  

Yet before you start using this option, here’s what to consider when outsourcing React JS developers – or any software developer in general. 

Expertise and experience 

When you hire a React developer, it’s important to get the decision right the first time. Yes, outsourcing can be significantly cheaper than its in-house counterpart, but you’ll still be injecting a lot of money into your software development projects. 

One way to ensure they’re the right fit is by vetting their expertise and experience. React JS covers a wide assortment of different project types, so you need to see if any previous examples in their portfolio match up with what you want creating. 

Aside from taking a close look at their skillset and experience, you also have to see if they have the necessary resources to handle your project. This is particularly the case if you have a large-scale project that requires completing within a relatively short timeframe. 

Client testimonials and reviews

Looking at the portfolio of a React developer is only the start of your research. The next step is to analyze client testimonials and reviews. After all, you cannot simply rely on what a provider tells you. They’re always going to paint the prettiest picture about their quality and services. 

A provider’s website will be the first place to start for client testimonials. These are generally insightful and supply an idea about the company’s culture. Just remember to check these testimonials are authentic – more dubious outlets will often fabricate these in some way. 

Reviews on independent platforms are also useful for gaining honest feedback. Testimonials will only showcase the highlights. Reviews on the likes of Google and Glassdoor will also display negative comments if applicable. 

Knowledge in other applicable development areas

They might specialize in Reach JS, but that’s not enough on its own for a developer to be selected for your project. It’s essential for them to also possess a wealth of knowledge and skills in other applicable areas. 

Firstly, and due to React being based in Javascript, they require an in-depth understanding of Javascript in general. This includes architectural patterns which align with React-based projects. 

Due to how React also integrates with other tools such as Angular and Vue, a developer also has to be well-versed in these technologies. The more skilled and knowledgeable a provider is across the software development sphere, the more capable they are to deliver a quality end product.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.