What Are Jackleg Cabins & What Are They Used For

What can jackleg units be used for?

Jackleg cabins have several uses and are great for most industries requiring quick, affordable, or portable spaces. In addition, they have a variety of applications that can be customized to fit your needs.

Jackleg Offices

A jackleg cabin could be the perfect solution to a temporary office. Your current office may need refurbishment, and work can’t stop while the space is getting renovated. It might be a spring clean or more serious, such as flooding damage. Regardless, hiring or buying a jackleg cabin could solve that issue. This portable space gives your employees somewhere to work while the office is being renovated, as they can often be placed near your existing workplace to avoid the disruption of many people’s routines.

Jackleg Temporary Classrooms

Just like a temporary office, the same applies to a temporary classroom. This is quite common, mainly when there are significant class groups than expected in new year groups or when social distancing and groups need to be split up into smaller class sizes. Jackleg cabins are just like a traditional building, adequately insulated and functioning to allow for a great working environment.

Jackleg Ticket booths and First aid Facilities

Jackleg buildings make great temporary ticket booths, hired for a brief period to provide a warm and safe place for people to sell tickets out of. They have added security to store inventory and money and access proper lighting. These small cabins can be placed in most venue locations. The same can be applied to first aid facilities, common uses at events. The jackleg cabin allows a safe, warm and dry environment to treat minor injuries or illnesses. The great thing about these facilities is they can be hired for the duration of the event, no matter how short.

Jackleg Temporary Kitchen Facilities

Kitchen facilities can be installed in custom jackleg cabins, including features such as stainless-steel sinks, mounted kettles, worktops, kitchens, and more can be added. You would never know you were cooking in a portable building or anything short of the traditional kitchens you may be used to.

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