Unique Marketing Ideas For Your Business

You won’t get very far unless you work hard at marketing your business. In truth, it doesn’t matter how great your products or services might be; without good marketing, no one will know about them. You could be sitting on the greatest business idea, but without marketing, you’ll find it hard to make any money. 

It’s clear that marketing is one of the most important elements of running a business, but you also need to work out how to do it in a way that helps you stand out, rather than just telling other people about what you do. With that in mind, read on for some unique marketing ideas you can use to do exactly that. 

Send Out Thank You Notes 

When you think about it, you’ll realize that most interactions with businesses (and even with friends and family) occur digitally. It might be email, text, or perhaps social media, but it’s all online and on a screen. This is why you’ll stand out and be remembered if you send out handwritten thank you notes to customers. 

You can arrange for personalized online thank you cards to be sent to your customers after they make a purchase, or perhaps put them in with the purchase so they get them when they open their package. However you do it, this will be unique and special and make the customer feel appreciated; they’ll stay loyal to you and remember you well into the future because of the note you sent. 

Partner With An Influencer 

These days, social media should always be a huge part of your marketing strategy, but it’s often no longer enough just to have a page and post on it now and then. You need to be consistent with posting, and the content has to be interesting – it has to be what your customers want. 

One way to ensure this happens is to partner with an influencer. Working with the bigger influencers might not be possible, depending on your business and who you can reach out to. Still, millions of ‘micro-influencers’ have a small but loyal following which might align well with your target market. When you find the right influencer to collaborate with, your business will get a boost, and even if only a small percentage of their fans buy from you, it’s still more sales than you would have had before. As you grow, you can work with larger influencers and gain more business. 

Make Videos 

Video marketing is hugely popular with customers who don’t have much time, but can easily watch a thirty-second video about your business. However, although they are a good way to market yourself,  it’s important to make them in the right way – generic promotional videos won’t stand out and could even put people off buying from you if they’re dull and don’t give enough information. 

That’s why your videos need to be fun, interesting, and memorable. Be creative when you tell your story or give some behind-the-scenes information that no one would otherwise know. You can also use user-generated content, which not only gives you more content for yourself, but it will make your customers feel like part of the business and improve their loyalty at the same time. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.