Travel in Thailand during the Pandemic

Thailand has been a favourite tourist destination for decades. Recently the pandemic has limited tourism to domestic travellers, but this will not be forever. The Thai news is full of stories of restrictions soon to be lifted for more and more categories of visitors. The beaches and the parks have had a little break from the crowds.  But the vendors are still there, and they would be quite happy to serve you and show you around. If you belong to one of the groups already allowed access, check out the Thai Embassy website for your country, to get the precise details of how you can get your Certificate of Entry.

If you come to Thailand right now, you will be required to spend two weeks at a Quarantine hotel. Approved venues, like have many rooms available and special rates to take advantage of. Two weeks of rest in a luxury room can be a wonderful and refreshing break from a busy lifestyle. And, once your two weeks are completed, you will be able to travel Thailand unrestricted, if you respect the social distancing, of course.

Depending on when you are reading this article, some restrictions have already been lifted. At the time of writing, family members, medical tourists, and business travellers with work visas can come. There are also some special diplomatic visitors and the first few tourist groups from China are being allowed on a trial basis.

  • Shopping: All the great shopping that Thailand is famous for is still available and the prices are as reasonable as always. Whether you are looking for fashion, gadgets, or tech. All the stores are open and ready to make a deal. Although you will be required to wear a mask wherever you go.
  • The Beach: Thailand is still open for business and the tourist sites are much less crowded. This is the best chance you will ever get to relax on a Thai beach in near solitude. The water is clearer, and the exotic animals have become more confident. It is a great time to try snorkelling too.
  • Bangkok Nights: Like the beach, the nightlife is a little less busy as well. There are more taxis available and more places to sit, and restaurants will be happy to give you their full attention. Foreigners are now a little bit more exceptional.
  • Northern Thailand: Northern Thailand is the jungle adventure you have always dreamed about. Elephants, river tours, backpacking, and motorcycle touring on some of the world’s highest rated routes. There are plenty of accommodations available these days and guides are standing by to bring you to the adventure.

Life is full of balance, and although we have had some setbacks this year, there have been positives as well. There has never been a better time to be in Thailand. Though the first two weeks may seem inconvenient, the quarantine period is for everyone’s well-being, and you will find that the time goes quickly. You will be more rested at the start of a holiday than you have ever been before.