Top 8 Online Onboarding Tools of 2021

The arrival of COVID-19 ignited a global health crisis and at the same time businesses started to decline at a rapid speed. The introduction of virtual onboarding tools disabled the disruptions being faced on the business part and proved to be the savior for the business industry.

To overcome this issue, companies prepared a plan in the form of onboarding tools which not just helped the businesses to run smoothly during the lockdown but also helped the business to conduct all the tasks smoothly, like hiring procedure, payment of salaries on time, virtual meet-ups, conducting inspections among many other benefits.

Onboarding tools helped the companies in hunting the new talents and at the same time helped the employees with flexible work timings by keeping track of their work modules.

These tools can be accessed via any electronic device like a smartphone, desktop, tablet, or any other electronic gadget.

How is traditional onboarding different from virtual onboarding?

Whether you are dealing with a COVID-19 pandemic or any other natural disaster, virtual onboarding will always help you with smooth onboarding. With the help of such tools, conducting webinars, meetings, training has become much easier than it was earlier.

Virtual onboarding beats traditional onboarding in many ways. The pandemic has made businesses extra conscious about their working style and forced them to switch to a new module, namely ‘Virtual Onboarding’, as it provides ease of working at times of pandemic and also increases productivity to the next level. Doing so would not hamper the tasks which will keep the business practices in place.

All about Online onboarding software you need to know!

An online onboarding tool is online software that keeps the team geared up and at the same time keeps the workload in check for the newcomers.

Well, some benefits of online onboarding tools are:

  • Planning training for a newcomer
  • Introduction of a new colleague
  • Verification of documents

Features of online onboarding tools

Form tests for new hiring

Whenever companies are hiring a new employee, the main thing which they focus on is to assess them based on a written test. Now, due to pandemics, the offline meeting might not be possible and hence, in this case, the online onboarding tool helps. It enables the companies to upload their tasks virtually and at the time of hiring, enables the applicant to answer it but virtually.

Training and Mentoring Program

Certain professions require training. Training of employees would be possible with the help of an online onboarding tool. How? By providing them a space where employee and employer meet-ups are possible and training can be conducted.

Now you must be wondering that this can even be possible through other platforms providing the facilities of video conferencing. Yes! It can be. But the main difference between those platforms and online onboarding tools is that these tools enable the use of a platform that is more professional, providing certain tools which are beneficial for training purposes. Hence, their usage would be more feasible and essential rather than normal video conferencing training.


Whenever a new employee is hired, the company asks for their documents in the form of softcopy and hardcopy both. These tools provide a space where uploading these documents becomes easier and safe to be accessed. So, this makes online onboarding tools a proper place for conducting business virtually.

Verification becomes easier

Verification of documents is a necessary task, uploading documents on these tools helps to verify the identity of the person being hired.

Employee Portals

When new hiring is done, company accounts, workspaces, and other portals are created. These tools help to do such things with ease.

Top Online Onboarding Tools of 2021

Even though the pandemic has made its way towards endemic, one thing which was good during this cursed time is the introduction of these virtual onboarding tools which not just helped the business in a time of need but also will continue to work even when the pandemic is over. Why? Because we got to learn something new with these tools and that is “Flexibility”. If certain tasks can be fulfilled from home then why call employees to the office?

Now let us understand these tools a little better.


Don’t you think there’s a lot of paperwork involved during the onboarding process? Why not streamline it with the help of e-signatures? Don’t you think it’s a good idea? Well, it is indeed as you are able to store all the important documents and files digitally and there are no chances of losing them ever.

Everyone wants to have that one flexible solution in their business that undertakes all the tasks and helps to manage the work effectively. CocoSign is among one those tools which are highly trusted and at the same time help businesses with numerous benefits.

CocoSign not just helps the business with the handling of paperwork, employee management, but also helps them with quick working.

Features of CocoSign

  • Time Saving Software
  • Employee Management becomes an easy task
  • Real-time tracking is possible
  • Notification/Alerts
  • Convenient and Quick


Typelane is a platform that helps businesses onboard new talents and makes them adapt to the company’s policies. Typelane helps businesses to conduct work smartly and helps the employees to adapt to the new software easily.

Typelane is an effective software for HR’s and Team leads as it is much easier to use with flexibility and an engaging interface.

Features of Typelane

  • Live Chat
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Communication Management
  • Document Management
  • Feedback Management

Creative Employee Onboarding

Are you operating on a large-scale business with a working capacity of approx? 200 professionals? Well, this virtual onboarding tool is just for you. It not just enables you to pre-define the roles of every employee but also helps them gain the training easily with the use of this amazing software.

With the help of this software, companies can easily provide training and other crucial information before the day of their joining, and hence it will ultimately help the newly hired employee to work more quickly and efficiently.

This tool is also proved to be helpful at times when induction needs to be done before the actual joining. Live Online training is possible to be conducted with the help of this tool.

Some features of Creative Employee Onboarding Tool:

  • Verification of Documents
  • Task Allocation
  • Training of new employees
  • Digital Signatures

Zing HR

This globally accessible tool is suitable for businesses operating globally. If you are planning to conduct a webinar virtually, then it is possible with the help of Zing HR. In case of any support, you can easily contact their Tech team via phone support, chat, and email among others.

Features of Zing HR tool

  • Management of Employee Profiles
  • Attendance Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Employee Database Management
  • Payroll Management


Freshteam is an easy-to-use tool that helps HR managers to recruit professionals easily and affordably. With the help of this tool, you as a company help to attract the top talents via many career websites, social media handles, and others.

Freshteam is also feasible when an interview needs to be conducted, virtually. Employee directory can also be conducted by HR so that employee time off can be managed.

Features of Freshteam Tool

  • Calendar Management
  • Employee Handbook
  • Digital Signatures
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Tracking
  • Documentation Management
  • Applicant Tracking

Kissflow Tool

Kissflow is yet another onboarding tool that is extremely easy to use and also helps HR to understand the applicant more comprehensively. It is the best software to be used to manage the workflow of the employees and to track and record their workings. Video Training is possible with this tool so it becomes easier to judge the other person.

Features of Kissflow Tool

  • Document Verification
  • Invoicing becomes easier
  • Activity Tracking
  • Compensation Management
  • Calendar Management


Try Pipefy for free today as it provides many benefits to its users in the form of a great onboarding experience. Pipefy helps to connect your entire operations on its platform and eases your business. Connect the payroll system of your company along with Pipefy and automate your work modules. It streamlines the work of your employees by giving a top-notch working experience.

Features of Pipefy

  • Business Process Automation
  • Calendar Management
  • Background Screening
  • Applicant Tracking
  • 360-degree feedback


The main thing about Qualee is that it is an award-winning onboarding platform that is designed in a way that makes it a simple yet useful platform. Onboarding and offboarding can easily be conducted through this platform. As this platform is an AI-enabled solution it allows an interactive workforce, improves engagement among other useful benefits.

Features of Qualee

  • Training Management
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Benchmarking
  • Digital Signatures
  • Task Management
  • Employee Handbook


So, with this, we have arrived at the end of this blog. By reading the whole blog we have solved that the future of virtual onboarding is bright. Why? Because, whether a crisis or a pandemic, virtual onboarding tools help the employees to work remotely with any disruptions.

Along with ease of work, usage of these tools is entirely safe and convenient as it keeps the momentum of your business going. Due to the pandemic, the world suffered a long distance between the work and the workers. Hence the arrival of these tools has conveniently bridged the gap between them.

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Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.