Top 3 Best Google Workspace Add-Ons For Productivity

Google Workspace add-ons help users integrate how they work into where they work. They fit perfectly into all productivity apps across all Google environments. Getting started with Google Workspace Add-ons is very simple. Here are the top three add-ons we think every user should install:

Smart Contact Manager

Smart Contact Manager enables users to share Google contacts and perform functions like:

  • Sharing contact groups with individuals or a group of users.
  • Modification or addition of contacts into the groups.
  • Synchronization with mobile phones and the Outlook software.
  • Permission management.
  • Native integration with Google Contacts.
  • Cross-domain sharing.

There is no limit to the number of contact groups you can create. The owner of the contact groups has the right to define permission to access Google Contacts that have been shared. Some of these permissions are view only, permission to edit, permission to share, and permission for deleting Google Contacts.

Foxy labels

This add-on is the best method of printing labels using Google Docs and Google Sheets. It can mail merge templates that are compatible with both Avery and other providers of labels like SheetLabels and OnlineLabels. You can customize these labels with images, preferred fonts, and appropriate colors. All labels are perfectly aligned. Foxy Label is very easy to use since the user doesn’t have to be a computer expert. You can develop professional labels within minutes. These labels include mailing labels, delivery/shipping addresses, name badges, and many more. 

How To Print Labels In Google Docs:

  1. Open the Google Docs window. From the menu labeled “Add-ons,” select “Foxy Labels” then “Create Labels.”
  2. Choose the sheet in which you have saved the data you want to merge. The top row should contain column names applied as merge fields. 
  3. Then, you should add merge fields to the document.
  4. Click on the button labeled merge and then review the document
  5. Finally, click the button “file” and then “print.”  

How to Print labels From Google Sheets:

  1. Open the Google Sheets window. From the menu labeled “Add-ons,” select “Foxy Labels,” then “Create Labels.”
  2. Add merge fields to the label area.
  3. Click on the “Create Labels” button and then make a review of the document.
  4. Finally, click the button “file” and then “print.” 


  • The most commonly used labels are freely included
  • The users don’t require any computer skills
  • The user can print as many labels as they wish
  • Advertisement is free
  • Offers the best customer service

Email to text

This add-on makes sending SMS messages from computers or mobile devices using Gmail easy. You can send emails to people’s phone numbers. It is implemented natively in Gmail, so a Chrome extension is not needed. Group emails can also be sent to as many people as possible. In a group text, every contact receives a separate message by default.

In addition, a person’s SMS response to your email is forwarded to the sender’s Gmail. Regards to pricing, you can buy a monthly subscription for $29 to unlock better sending limits and unique features.

How to text from Gmail:

The process to follow is straightforward:

1.    Install the extension.

2.    Open Gmail and compose the email you want to send.

3.    Click the “Email to Text” icon and add some phone numbers.

4.    Write the message.

5.    Hit send.

Most of the time, text messages are read in under three minutes. When something is very important, the best option is not to send an email but to send the SMS, which usually gives faster results. 

Key features

•    Forward email messages to people’s mobile numbers with one click.

•    Add many BBC contacts for bulk sending.

•    Format the message inside Gmail.

•    Attach images.

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