Tips To Start a Cleaning Business in New York

We know that it is not an easy task to start a business in any city in the United States or any other country. It is because you need to follow the rules and regulations of that city and area where you want to start your business. You need to make sure the government that you will serve the customers with professional services and high-quality products.

In order to run a successful cleaning business in New York, you must follow the following tips.

Create Business Plan

The first step to start any kind of business is to create a plan. You need to decide and define the purpose of your cleaning business. In this plan, you need to mention your target audience and the areas where you will provide cleaning services.

You also need to decide the type of your cleaning business, whether it is a commercial or residential cleaning business. You also need to decide if you are interested in running a franchise or your own business. The business plan you create must be on one page, which could explain the mission, vision, and objectives of your business clearly.

Form An LLC

To start a cleaning business in NY, it is necessary to form an LLC. By creating an LLC, you will not need shareholders, and all of your assets will be separated from those of your business.Forming an LLC will also allow you to decide how your cleaning business is taxed every year.

There are different types of LLC available for the cleaning business; you can select any one of them that fits you. These LLC types include Partnership LLC, Sole proprietor LLC, and C Corp or S Corp LLC.

Obtain the License

You need to obtain an EIN to license your cleaning business in New York. Obtaining EIN is necessary to provide janitorial services in Bronx, NY, where LLC hires the employees and plans to pay employment taxes. You can get licensed through the website of the Internal Revenue Service.

You need to fill the application to get your business licensed. Do remember you need to provide your information such as name, SSN, your title, and DBA to get licensed. To start a new business, you need to select a reason for starting a new business. Also, mention the industry you will operate, your products, and services.

Apply For Insurance

Insurance policies play a vital role in starting a new small business. You need to get insurance for your cleaning business because it protects you from the damage done due to different kinds of accidents. It is also helpful for the employees in protecting them from any kind of mishappening.

There are different kinds of insurance you can get in NY to start your new cleaning business. These are named Janitorial bonds, Workers’ compensation insurance, and General Liability insurance.

Purchase Necessary Equipment

You need to buy the necessary cleaning equipment before starting your cleaning business. Before buying the equipment, you need to set your budget and buy the cleaning equipment accordingly. Some basic cleaning equipment includes a grout brush, paper towels, latex gloves, scrubbing brushes, etc.

If you are low on budget, it is not necessary to buy all the cleaning equipment. You can just buy some common cleaning supplies that can be used for general cleaning purposes. List all the needed equipment, buy them when you have a budget.

Hire Qualified Workers

When you are done with the planning, insurance, licensing, and other important tasks, now you need to hire qualified employees. It would be best if you hire the employees from NY because they will be able to serve the residents of New York in a better way.

The employees from NY will understand the cleaning needs of the residents of NY efficiently and will provide them services accordingly. You should also provide training to your employees so they can provide enhanced services. Do not forget to consider employee satisfaction along with customer satisfaction to run your business successfully.

Advertise Your Business

You should advertise your cleaning business when starting it because marketing is considered the best way to run a business successfully. If you want a great number of customers, you need to let the people know about your business, its purpose, and its services. So, I prefer advertising through social media.


You need some planning to start a business in any city. It is necessary to follow the rules and regulations of the government to start your cleaning business. It is also necessary for you to learn OSHA’s health and safety regulations to start your cleaning business in NY. 

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