Throwing An Appropriate Company Party: Keep Yourself Safe From HR Related Concerns

Those people who throw an annual company party can help their career trajectory. Hosting this type of party allows management to see that you are a “team player” which can help increase job security. One issue that a host might come across is HR related concerns that a party that can raise. The best thing that the host can do is to be proactive about avoiding issues with HR as nobody wants to be called into HR the Monday after the party due to the behavior of others. The following are things that can be done that will help avoid issues with HR after hosting a company party.

Provide Food Like Pizza

Providing food like pizza can help keep alcohol consumption under control. Having something like a pizza bar where people can make their own then throw it into your wood fire oven. These ovens can be great for parties and also for personal use as being able to get that smoky taste from the oven can take a meal to the next level of delicious. Ordering pizzas is another option but it lacks that unique flair as well as can be a fun activity to make custom pizzas.

Those Who Drink Need To Have a DD or Uber

The last thing that you want after the company party that you have hosted is someone to get into an accident from driving after drinking. A DUI can be incredibly damaging to a career as well as a life. Make it a requirement as you are the host with the power that people drinking need a DD or need to take an Uber or another type of rideshare service. You also do not want to be legally liable if someone hurts themselves due to being too drunk or careless driving home. The party is meant to help your career and work life instead of impacting your life negatively due to someone else’s stupid decisions.

Keep Liquor Limited and Watch Those Getting Too Drunk

One thing that can be done at a company party is hiring a bartender who can make the decision if someone needs to be cut off. Cutting a person off at a party can be difficult especially if they are confrontational when they have been drinking. You would rather have a manager blaming the bartender than you for cutting them off from drinking. You do not want conflict to arise from the party but rather having it be a bonding experience. Beer and wine are perfectly fine to provide as these are much more difficult to get belligerently drunk off of.

Invite Management To Keep People Under Control

One tip to help make sure things do not get out of control is to invite management to this party. People will not want to act in a way that could impact the way management views them. With this being said those managers that get a little too wild can present a problem as asking them to leave or calm down can make for an awkward next week at work.

The right company party can be something that people look forward to year after year. Help your career by hosting this type of event but make sure that nothing goes terribly wrong.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.