The Top 5 Restaurant Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Restaurant industry enters a new era of crucial moments. Right now, restaurants are improving and doing much better compared to the previous years that passed. People start to spend more of their given food budget and begin to dine out. 

Concurrently, restaurants start to embrace the benefits of technology in the industry as how it affects and changes our lives from different aspects. Innovative technology simplifies almost everything in our lives, whether we like it or not. Potential customers start to search online for the top-rated and recommended restaurants near them. Other’s find convenience in ordering foods from delivery sites and agencies. 

Is Digital Marketing Worth It?

It’s no surprise how technology has changed restaurant operations, and it’s vital to include this in your business for you to catch up and build a substantial online presence. There are different and highly effective ways of how restaurant owners can increase their online presence by being up-to-date with the latest trends or new ideas incorporated with technology. More restaurant operators start to understand the opportunities of various platforms to meet client’s demands wherever they are. 

Digital marketing is an excellent path for every entrepreneur who wants to venture and introduce their business online. It offers tons of benefits to placing when it comes to providing adequate information and how to expand your business’s reach from your more broad audience. 

Restaurant Marketing: What is it? 

Ever wonder what restaurant marketing is? If you are part of this industry and wants to expand your business reach, it’s a practice of generating your business and creating guest loyalty from dining customers. Before, restaurant marketing was exclusive and not a traditional thing. It involves restaurant critics providing their feedback on newspapers. 

Restaurant insights were restricted, and promoting means investing in several local printables, ads, and improving public relations. However, things have evolved and promoting your diner has transformed. Famous eateries are found through social media platforms and search engines. Various channels quickly spread contents and insights faster and further with more authenticity like never before. 

In 2020, a new data-driven and more sophisticated approach to diner marketing sets the trend and will dominate the industry like a business needs a website nowadays. Here’s how you can take advantage of this evolving and beneficial marketing trend to upscale your restaurant. 

5 Essential Digital Marketing Trends For Restaurants

Top-notch food, outstanding service, and unique yet excellent experience are your top priority to have a decent amount of returning customers with more positive feedback to attract new potential clients. Have you ever wondered why some restaurants are popular among others? 

Various factors affect your decision when it comes to choosing a restaurant. It can be about honest feedback from previous customers or friends who had first-hand experience, local recommendations, relevant search, word-of-mouth, and more. These are some of the fundamental factors which affect your diner decisions.

  1. Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms are boon to every industry, including restaurants. It’s your go-to place if you want to check reviews, recommendations, or suggestions. Social media platforms cater to a myriad of customers and age group. Reaching out to a broader audience, providing enticing contents, and improving your engagements increases restaurant credibility and popularity. 

  1.  Optimize SEO for Local Search

Technology has provided a simplified and fast approach to solutions online. You can search for almost anything online, including restaurants near you, top-rated diner, insights, and recommendations. With positive feedback from previous customers builds a good standing online. So best to create your website to redirect more potential clients on your site, establish your brand, attract more customers, and increase your conversion rate.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to promote your business and engage your customers. Providing information and valuable content to followers and readers improves customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Through email marketing, you can inform your clients of any menu, upcoming events, discounts, incentives, or quick background story about the business. Aside from providing content, you can also use emails to ask for recommendations, suggestions, or feedback to improve your service further. 

  1. Partnership With Delivery Services And Food Apps

Technology plays a vital role in the success of any business, especially with the restaurant industry. Providing unique features to help your customers or guests have a better experience like placing orders online, booking online, free wifi, and more improves your business performance. 

Moreover, partnership with popular delivery services and food apps that enables customers to experience your service or check what you offer improves your presence. You can also provide discounts, loyalty programs, deals, and more. 

  1. Industry Influencers And Food Blogs

Online influencers and food bloggers that provide reviews and recommendations to restaurants affect your business. The best way to benefit from them is to be part of them. You can offer the best service or food you have and ask for genuine feedback or review on their network. 


The core to ensure restaurant marketing to reach its potential is to use industry-specific software or tools that properly execute campaigns. Diners are not retail stores, and it needs a leverage power to create excellent consumer experience and gather data that will help the business improve and increase its conversion that provides stability.

Chris Z