The Most Expensive Real Estate in the World

If you love beautiful homes, this one will get your mouth watering. Unless you are part of a consortium of real estate investors, it’s doubtful that you can consider buying it, but that won’t stop you from wishing. Pour a glass of champagne, put on your fanciest clothes and get ready to imagine yourself in this swanky locale.

The One

When movie producer Nile Niami decided to build the home of all homes, he enlisted the expertise of architect Paul McClean. After coming up with the plans, construction began. A quick seven years later, the decadent behemoth was unveiled. Whether they intend for someone to buy this to live in or they just wanted to create the most expensive home on the planet is unknown. It almost defies imagination.

This unbelievable Bel-Aire hilltop compound is a brand new construction built on four acres high above the city. It has an incredible 100,000-square-feet of living space. With 20 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms and a 30 car garage, it is perfect for any family, extended family, friends, cousins or acquaintances to live together harmoniously. In that much space, you may have to call to find each other.

Like any luxury hotel, it has five pools. In case swimming doesn’t excite you, you can take advantage of the 36-seat movie theater or six-lane bowling alley. Then, when you are ready to dance, just walk over to the nightclub. However, the piece de resistance is the uninterrupted 360-degree view. It could be yours for a mere $500,000,000.

Can you imagine, even if you could come up with half a billion to buy it, what would it take to run a place like this? Full-time maintenance and grounds staff, cleaning and utilities are just a start. Then there are insurance and property taxes to consider. Don’t even think about how much it would cost to furnish it!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.