The Best Night-time Team Building Activities in Sydney

Sydney is one of the best places to host your corporate team building activity. Sydney is the place where people flock to when they are chasing professional or personal dreams. With its proximity to other national hubs like Wollongong, the Central Coast and Newcastle, Sydney is the ideal location for any night-time team building activity. Below are our top recommended night-time team building activities in Sydney.

Spicks and Specks

Are you a music fan? Of course, you are! Who isn’t? Put your team’s music memory and skills to the test with this event based off the hit TV show Spicks and Specks. Every year musicians, bands, and artists flock to Sydney to showcase their music in arenas, concert halls, and pubs and clubs. Select from a wide range of fantastic venues to host your Spicks and Specks night in Sydney CBD!

Spicks and Specks is a professionally hosted corporate night of great entertainment. You will have your very own performer who will play an opening set as the team gets settled in with drinks and nibbles. Once seated and ready to fire up their musical memory, your team will compete head-to-head in this will night of hilarious music trivia. There will be many kinds of challenges such as, name that song, where 8 songs will be partially sung by your performer and your teams, will have to guess the song and what’s the next line? (Interactive), where the music stops, and the crowd sings the next line of the song that they have written in answer to the above question on their sheet. There will also be a series of IQ challenges around the room that teams must work together to decipher the meaning of certain images like the one below or guess the name of the album cover and the artist just from looking at the cover, (don’t worry all album and artist names have been blurred out or covered). The team who gains the greatest number of points by the end of the night wins.

Casino Night

Sydney is known for having some of the best Casinos in all of Australia. Whether you’re a frequent visitor to the casino or just like to play a couple of friendly games with your mates or even if you’ve never played in your life, Corporate Casino Night caters to all experience levels.

If you are worried this may be a bad omen to have your team gambling their money away, then we agree with you! That is why in this event teams will not be gambling their money. They will be gambling with fake money, which translates to points at the end of night as the team with the most amount of money will be announced as the winner. We have a range of games available for your team. For the people who like to take bigger risks and know the game we have Poker. If you don’t know the game well, our facilitators will run through the rules and objectives of the game and even play a few practice rounds so that they can get their bearings. There is also roulette, craps, horse racing, blackjack, and race of the aces. At the end of the night the team with the most amount of money wins!

Trivia Night

Not your average night of pub trivia. A team-building trivia night will see your team involved in a series of fun interactive games as well as head-to-head trivia that will have them laughing well into the night. This event is perfect for any corporate end of year dinner party as we fit the challenges between entrée, main and dessert.

Sydney’s trivia night will be an event that your team never forgets. Teams will compete in various rounds of trivia questions including general knowledge, music trivia, IQ tests, brain teasers and TV themes. Between each round of questions, the tables volunteer delegates to participate in crazy challenge activities for previous bonus points (which makes the evening very interactive). Challenges include Putt Putt, Foil Towers, Bottle Flick and Balloon Mascots as well as the trivia. This event is quick in set up and delivery so makes for the perfect addition to any tight corporate schedule.

Murder Mystery Night

A corporate team building take, on a classic event that is sure to get your team working together to figure out ‘who-done-it’. You and your team will have to solve the murder before the killer amongst you strikes again! This Sydney night-time event ensures every delegate will play a character that is crucial to the storyline of this murder mystery. In this giant real-life game of Clue your team will need to collaborate, communicate, and engage each other in conversation that may unveil who the killer is amongst them.

Choose from five different themes; The Great Capital Caper a theme inspired by 1930’s Chicago, The Will to Kill an old English tale of jealousy and revenge, Santa Sleighing Santa – goes missing, Wild Wild West – Yeeha grab your reigns and your holster, and That Sinking Feeling set aboard the last night of the titanic. This is a fantastic night of entertainment for those teams who love to dress-up and aren’t afraid to show their creative side and perform in front of their team.

Night at the Races

Many corporate Sydney teams host in-house bets and pools during the Melbourne Cup race. Surely you have witnessed the fun and bonding that is had during this time Why not channel this ever-prevalent energy that surrounds horse racing and your team with a Night at the Races event! This hilarious evening will see your group split into teams. They are each given a form guide and ‘money’ that they use to place bets. This event is perfect for incorporating into your end of year event as it is quick in set up and delivery. Add this event to your Christmas party dinner as the races will be held in between entrée, main and dessert. The team with the most amount of money at the end of the night wins! This event is perfect for if you’re looking to spice up your evening meal and gather your team to engage in the ultimate corporate event in Sydney.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.