Texas CBD Shop Takes Social Distancing to the Next Level with Drone Deliveries

The COVID-19 pandemic coursing its way through the world and leaving havoc in its wake is also giving rise to a myriad of novel and innovative ways to do business in these changing times.


One Texas CBD oil store has vowed to not let its customers go without their products AND maintain social distancing norms at all times with none other than aerial drone delivery of CBD product. Honestly, it probably wasn’t long before drone delivery started becoming a real thing, but it looks like the novel coronavirus outbreak is just the time to put this tech to test – at least as far as CBD is concerned.


Itself a relatively new industry, it’s no surprise that CBD companies would be willing to try something new, like one shop in the US state of Texas.


Located in Austin, Green Cross CBD isn’t only offering drone deliveries, however. In addition to the traditional curbside pickup, owner John Elmore said that “I was able to come up with a contraption where I could drop it in your front yard and unlatch and just take off” and thus the drone delivery system was born.


For those who may not be familiar with the new “social distancing” rules, it is a set of guidelines being issued by governmental health agencies across the world that are intended to limit a person’s contact (and, thus, potential to infect) with another person during the pandemic. While in public, people are advised to maintain a six-foot distance between one another. For its part, the city of Austin put these rules into effect on March 21. Additionally, many public events and gatherings are either canceled or postponed.


As you can imagine, all of these restrictions have made daily activities like shopping difficult if not impossible in some larger cities. Indeed, such restrictions have caused many stores to shut down including restaurants and bars.


For those that remain open, like Green Cross CBD, practices like social distancing and sterilization of customer products are not only the new norm, they’re somewhat requisite. Meanwhile, all of this is changing the way businesses and customers interact with one another in fundamental ways.


Thus, the reason many companies, like Green Cross CBD in Austin, are looking for new avenues.


So, how much product are we talking about here? As Elmore describes, “The drone can hold up to 2 pounds safely…I don’t like to exceed that, but, yeah, that’s quite a bit of CBD.”


While it is expected that most customers will opt for the sterilized curbside delivery for the foreseeable future, it is nonetheless interesting to see new approaches to product delivery like that being pioneered by Elmore and his company as well as many others out there.


And whether or not the COVID-19 pandemic inflicts permanent changes on this logistics infrastructure or not remains to be seen but, as usual, it seems like business will find a way to make do with whatever business environment presented to it.


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