Successful Husband and Wife Collaborations that Will Inspire You

Working alongside your spouse can be rather rewarding. Rather than opting to work for someone else, you may be able to use your already-strong partnership with your husband or wife to create a company of your own. A number of married couples have already used their experiences to create successful businesses alongside each other. You may be able to use some of their stories to boost your confidence in any ideas for the future that you and your partner currently share.

Heidi Zak found that, whenever she went lingerie shopping, the current designs on the market might not have worked well for her. Whether it was an issue of comfort, support, or even poor sizing, something needed to change. Due to this, she liaised with her husband David Spector, and together they founded ThirdLove. 

This lingerie company not only offers a means of fitting customers for bras based on data taken from their smartphone camera but then also offers products in a number of different sizes. Within the sizing scheme at ThirdLove is also half cups. This means that should a customer’s size fall between the current standard measurements, there should be a bra available to suit them. The products Zak and Spector created can also be useful for a number of different women, including those who need strapless lingerie for a specific outfit, or even customers who prefer wireless products.

Another entrepreneurial couple you may want to pay attention to is Amy and Mike Nichols, who own and run Dogtopia. Their business venture potentially started out as Amy didn’t like the idea of leaving her dog alone all day. From this, she created a fun dog day-care business that meant that other like-minded pet owners could leave their dogs in her care for the day, or even for boarding, knowing that they would be able to play happily in their owner’s absence. 

Rather than spending their newfound income, the Nichols family instead opted for some smart strategies, including building their own home, hiring a nanny to help with childcare, and even discussing finances with a financial planner to better manage their money.

You may not even need to be married to a partner to build a business with them. In 2006, Eventbrite was founded. Five months later, Julia and Kevin Hartz were married. Initially, they reasoned that, should they not enjoy working together, they may instead return to corporate roles. However, Eventbrite soon became something of a success, as shown by attaining nearly $60 million in Q4 of 2021 alone. One good aspect they may find within this is that should one of them have a good idea outside of working hours, it can be shared immediately. Likewise, they can also discuss family matters during quieter moments at work.

Owning a business alongside your partner can allow you to combine your working and personal lives in a rather unique way. This means that, while you may need to remain motivated and focused, you can spend a greater amount of your life with the person you love. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.