Substance Abuse And The Way To Deal With It

When you have to bear the sudden death of a closed one, feelings of intense sorrow and grief are normal. But there are instances where people may develop mental illnesses due to sudden shock. Some common symptoms are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Decreased enthusiasm in life
  • Unwillingness to join social gatherings
  • Sudden fits of anger
  • Bad dreams and nightmares
  • Sleeplessness

In these moments of sorrow and emotional instability, drugs and addictive substances may tempt you. These substances and drugs eliminate the issue of sleeplessness and temporary refreshes the brain. You can focus and pay more attention to your work after the drug. Daily tasks become easier to carry out with more efficiency,and lethargic feelings tend to vanish away for the time being. These drugs can alter chemical reactions in your brain and boosts your mood. These drugs increase the production of dopamine in your brain which is a chemical associated with feelings of happiness and can make you forget your sorrows for a certain period. When struggling with addiction, consider going to a highly-rated addiction treatment center like St Johns Recovery Place in sunny Florida.

All these benefits are just temporary,but in return, these drugs make your body addictive and lead you to the compulsive intake. With the passage of time, your body starts demanding higher dosage and will become impotent to function in the absence of the drugs.

Life Status Changes

Changes in life status completely transform your life. Major life changing events are:

  • Wedding
  • Breakup or separation
  • Childbirth
  • Grownup independent children
  • Career changes
  • Retirement

These events often bring the feelings of joy and happiness with them,but for some people these changes in life become traumatic. Some suffer from extreme depression after the breakup while some develop anxiety due to an unpredictable future. In these situations and common transformations in life sometimes people take the support of drugs to control emotional instability an end up in worsening the situation.

Helpful Options

If you are just in the initial phase of drug abuse, you can manage it on your own. All you need is to completely stay away from the drugs for a good time span and learn alternative healthy ways of coping with your emotional turndown. When it is severe, you need the help of a professional, which may also involve staying in a drug rehab, which requires persistence. Interestingly, many people avoid drug rehabs because of the cost involved in the treatment, but they do not know that they can use United healthcare rehab coverage to pay for treatment and try other ways to fund their treatment.

 Working with a professional is important because they will assist you in breaking up the drug cycle and will counsel you regarding the adverse effects of these drugs. They will guide you about the healthy approach towards intense emotional situations. But these timely intervention is only effective if you have not entered the additive phase.

If you have crossed the initial phase of your mental illness or drug abuse and are addicted to drugs, then you need more intense care and comprehensive Florida rehab for addiction treatment. When someone gets addicted to drugs, it becomes impossible for them to stay away from the drugs. They can`t bear the craving for drugs during the intervention period and are more likely to exhibit weird behavior which is beyond their control. Their emotional outburst is the most intense and unbearable for the society.

In these scenarios, therapists develop personalized plans according to the patient`s family history and traumas in the past and suggest comprehensive care. If you or your loved one is addicted to drugs, then you have to enroll in the residential program under the professional therapists and psychologists. These residential programs keep you under restricted environment and vigilant observation so that you completely stay away from drugs. It facilitates you with individual and group therapies to cope with your emotions naturally.

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