Simple Ways to Improve an Ecommerce Website

What comes to mind when you hear the term Ecommerce? Amazon? eBay? Some of them? Most people recognize it from the popular names that have come up, and understand that it is a place where services are bought and sold online.

What some may not understand is that this concept has grown a lot over the years. Most businesses, no matter how big or small, conduct at least one transaction online, whether it’s business-to-consumer or B2B products and services.

But then, what is electronic commerce? It is the term used to buy and sell services and products online. Currently, there are many companies that use this strategy to boost their sales. However, it is essential to have a website that is responsive, where visitors who enter can have a great interaction with your business while solving their doubts and problems instantly.

This is a great opportunity for companies today, but due to the demand in the market, competition is becoming greater, so there are certain occasions where mistakes are made.

Therefore, it is important that you work very intelligently so that your e-commerce strategy becomes a success. And how can you make it possible? Thanks to these five steps that you have below in this post. Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Web design must be adapted to mobile devices

Experts on the subject indicate that one of the most significant actions that increase the sales of your e-commerce is that  its web design is updated and adapted to mobile devices. According to Outer box, 79% of smartphone users have made an online purchase using their mobile device. Therefore, your site must work well on mobile phones.

So, does the design have to be responsive? That’s how it is! The website must work well on desktops, tablet or mobile. For the mobile version, your site will function and be seen as if it were an application and not as a website. This makes it much easier to use since the screen of a tablet and mobile phone is small.

If your mobile site works properly, your customers will be able to view and use it from anywhere they are. And what is achieved with this? You will have greater chances of getting the conversion.

2. An image and a good text is worth more than a thousand clicks

One of the biggest challenges of this strategy is that the products can be shown and shared with customers. In electronic commerce, it is impossible for people to try and touch the products of your business. 

In this way, we have to find ways to compensate for this, right? And you can achieve this by using the sense of sight. It is essential that you use photographs and videos that have a good resolution so that you can demonstrate to customers the quality of your products.

Ideally, you should show different aspects of your product. Don’t just post a photo of a pair of pants, show a video of a person wearing the pants, as this provides more truth. Make use of photos and clips, so that potential customers feel that they are seeing themselves using the products.

As for the description of the product, it is recommended that you hire a professional writer, who makes a description that is unique  and that the consumer is trapped with it.

Limit yourself to not just copy the description that comes from the manufacturer. Ideally, you should do a good job of creating attention-grabbing text so you can get more visitors to your site.

If you want your customers to stay with you, make your product descriptions as engaging and fun as possible.You can also use an AI writing assistant to write engaging descriptions. Make sure your brand personality is distributed throughout your e-commerce content.

3. Make shopping easy

For most people, it’s very easy to get caught up when a website has a design that includes great images, calls to action, bells, whistles, and mobile responsiveness. However, your business is an online store.

Your intention is to sell a service or product , so you should not lose that focus while you are working on the design.

More succinctly, you need to make it easy for customers to make a purchase. And how is this accomplished? In this way:

  • It is necessary that your site has icons and menus that are clear, so that navigation is much easier.
  • The structure should be as simple as possible, where only a couple of clicks are made to reach the product.
  • Make sure you give your customers exactly  what they want . The site must be adapted so that users can see only white pants or only chocolate cakes.
  • It should be easy to be able to add and remove products from the shopping cart.


4. Customer service must be efficient

Customer service is the one that ensures that the customer can have a good experience while browsing the site or buying. Having good customer service software is very important at the level of competition.

When your service is good enough, your company will have a better market position in relation to the competition.

However, for electronic commerce, customer service is something essential that must be present yes or yes. Customers will always need constant support, so  agents must be there to answer their questions  and support them. 

Every time the customer has a problem, the agent must find ways to solve it. And when the visitor feels comfortable with the service, the chances of making a purchase are even greater.

Among the basic sales strategies are accessibility, friendliness and the conversation you have with the client, since it ends in a great experience for him. Support, from customer service, should be available in every possible way. 

Nowadays, the most popular strategies for this are  whatsapp chatbots , which you can manage from a computer with tools such as Crisp Chat, CMRs, live chats, email ticketing service and social networks.

5. Always ask for feedback from customers

It’s very natural to think that you know what your customers want, but you have to accept that you don’t always know everything. 

There is only one way for you to confirm the assumptions you have about what your customers think and what they want, and that is  through the comments  that they may leave you. For this, you need to ask them some questions like:

  • What kind of research do you do on the products?
  • How do you do the investigations?
  • Why do you use an online store?
  • Why wouldn’t you use an online store?
  • What are the characteristics that make you buy online?

As a B2B company, the best thing is that you can have an excellent relationship with your customers. Their comments will help you to optimize the design of your website.

Good e-commerce guarantees success

Currently, the great competition in the market has made the characteristics of the products and their prices completely saturated. Customers are no longer satisfied with just having a good product offering.

In order to be at the forefront, it is necessary to have a unique offer that makes you stand out from the competition. And this is achieved by providing a good user experience through your e-commerce.

While there are many ways an eCommerce site can be improved, these five are crucial to making it possible. Without them, it will be difficult for you to have a site that has the quality and is at the level of the competition.

As you already know, the website must have simple navigation and be adapted to mobile devices, so that the user experience is greater.

In addition, customer service should not be lacking for any reason, since your consumers will always need support when making purchases. On the other hand, a quality image and good text will be essential for you to capture the attention of that visitor.

Now that you are quite clear about what you need to improve your e-commerce site, don’t waste any more time and start working on it, don’t wait for the competition to become even bigger and then you don’t know how to act. Make use of these five ways to improve your site and see how everything transforms.

Write product descriptions on your own

It is recommended to write descriptions or any other content of products on your own if you really want to get ranked or sell your products.

We know it is somehow difficult for many people to write descriptions on their own but there are various possibilities or solutions like:

  1. Manual paraphrase the descriptions.
  2. Take help from online paraphrasing tools

But don’t add product descriptions straight after paraphrasing, we recommend you to check for plagiarism.

And this task can only be done using a plagiarism checker. All you need to do is, search for a good plagiarism checker and check your product descriptions before uploading.

In case, any duplication is highlighted by the plagiarism checker, you need to instantly remove that duplication.

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