Renting a Supercar: FAQ

Most of us dream of one day being the proud owner of a Ferrari or Porsche and while there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, not that many people end up with the money to spend on a supercar. Many people are unaware that you can rent a supercar; there are specific car rental providers who service the upper end of the market. If you would like to learn more about renting a supercar, here are a few of the common questions and answers.

  • Question: What is the minimum period to rent a supercar?
  • Answer: If you take Mercedes Benz rental from Rich Cars as an example, the shortest time you can rent such a vehicle is 24 hours. Of course, the longer you rent, the cheaper the daily rate becomes and the majority of long-term rentals are from celebs who are staying for a short time in the country. If, for example, your father was flying in for a weekend, you could surprise him with a BMW M5 that is his for the duration of his stay, which would be very warmly received. You can also check out the new GLC 300 at Vin’s Automotive.
  • Question: Can I have the car collected at the end of the rental?
  • Answer: Most rental companies will collect the car at a given location and will even offer this service outside of regular office hours. The majority of customers visit the rental company showroom, where they can become acquainted with the car and sign all the forms, but if that’s not possible, the car can be delivered.
  • Question: Are there age requirements to shift rent a car?
  • Answer: The normal minimum age for renting a supercar would be 20 years, and you must hold a valid driving licence. You also must show personal ID when making the rental agreement at the company’s showroom and after some paperwork, you are handed the keys and a staff member will orientate you regarding the car.
  • Question: Are there any other requirements or restrictions?
  • Answer: The rental company would request that you refrain from smoking inside the car and also the abstain from drinking alcohol and obey the traffic laws. Click here for information about car insurance for female drivers.
  • Question: Can the car be delivered to the customer?
  • Answer: Yes, in most cases, the rental company are happy to deliver the car if it is within a reasonable distance and this could be scheduled at any hour, even in the middle of the night.

The first thing to do is source a premier car rental company and if you live in a city, there should be at least one provider, if not more. While on their website, check out their terms & conditions to make sure that you are eligible to rent one of their cars, find out about the cost and then you can book an appointment to meet at the showroom and complete the rental contract.

If you fancy living the millionaire lifestyle for a day, start by renting the car of your dreams and create the perfect day of activities to make the occasion complete.