Reasons you’re likely to get injured at work

What starts off as a normal day at work, can quickly turn into a nightmare. Broken bones, soft tissue damage, burns, head injuries and even brain trauma are just some of the results of serious workplace accidents. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, but when you’re at work you should be protected, right?

There might be certain procedures in place, but in a world where anything can happen, even with stringent precautions, you could still end up getting injured at work. You can find an Atlanta workers compensation attorney here if you need to speak with someone about your current situation.  

So, why do these incidents take place? Here we’ll look at the reason why you’re likely to get injured at work.

You’re tired

If you’re work in a physically demanding role, then you need to be in a good physical condition to complete your job and do it safely. Sadly, many of us arrive at work having had little sleep and rest. This leads to irritability, a lack of concentration and inattention. Just like when we’re driving whilst fatigued, when we’re tired at work accidents are much more likely to occur.

You’re taking shortcuts

When you started your role, you would have been provided with a thorough onboarding and induction process, which should have detailed the health and safety aspects of your role and how to conduct yourself safely in your working environment. 

Sadly, over time we can forget these essential pieces of information, or fail to take them seriously. We cut corners to save time and to catch up when we’re running behind. Again, this is when workplace accidents are more likely to occur.   

You’re overconfident

When you’ve been in the same job for a while, you’re bound to feel more confident and complete the majority of your tasks with certainty. However, overconfidence can often lead to serious accidents in the workplace. Maybe you’ve used a particular machine so many times you think you don’t need the safety gear that comes with it, or you don’t give a particular tasks your full attention because you’ve done it every day for the past two years. It’s important to remember that accidents can happen to anyone!

Your workplace is messy

An untidy workplace doesn’t mean old coffee cups and scrunched up sticky-notes. It means wires and cables posing as trip hazards, boxes and other large items that haven’t been put away properly, damaged carpet that could trip someone, poor lighting, broken handrails, slippery floors, chemicals that haven’t been put away properly…the possibilities are endless however they all have the same outcome – injuries, pain and misery.

And finally, you haven’t been trained properly

Do you really know how to safely lift that box? What about using machinery? What safety equipment should you wear? Do you need a partner for safety precautions? If you haven’t been trained thoroughly, then you’re more likely to suffer an accident in the workplace. If you’re concerned about the safety of your role and other employees, speak with your employer. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.