Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Dental Chair Models

The experience that a patient has at the dentist or orthodontist is so rooted in the chair that they are sitting in. Is the light bright enough? Is the chair comfortable? Is the material cold or sticky? There are so many factors that play into a good dental chair.

Here are three of the most popular dental chairs for sale. Each one has its unique positive and negative features, and finding the right one for your office is key to creating an excellent patient experience.

QUIRUMED St D303 Dental Chair

The QUIRUMED St D303 Dental Chair is an incredible dental chair option that has plenty of accessories. It includes a curing light, ultrasonic cleaner, halogen lamp, six separate suction tubes, a foot-switch, and a stool. It also has a relatively spacious instrument tray, and a spittoon and water system built-in. The price of this product is about $4,900.

DENTAL EZ Dental Chair CORE Chair

The DENTAL EZ CORE Chair provides numerous features that keep it running well and make the job of a dentist as efficient as possible. IT has an aluminum caste chair back, armrest, headrest, and base. It also includes a headrest that is double articulating and can be adjusted, so the patient has the highest quality of comfort and a perfectly adjusted headrest. The armrests are also adjustable and can be flipped down, so the patient doesn’t have trouble getting in and out of the chair.

There is the option to upgrade this chair to make it even more effective. A potential upgrade is the ability to install leather upholstery, which makes it much easier to wipe down and clean. It also has an optional touchpad, and programmable presets, so setting up for a day at the office should be no problem. The market price of this product is about $3,300.

TecnoDent ECO NEXT Dental Chair

The TecnoDent ECO NEXT Dental Chair is a chair that is built for both high performance and design. It is made in Italy by a company that produces a wide range of medical and technological products. The chair itself has many appealing features. It has electromechanical lifting and lowering movements, so it is incredibly easy to adjust and doesn’t require a lot of manual effort. The backrest and chair are also built to be slim yet anatomical. This makes it easier for professionals to maneuver around the chair, as it is not bulky or blocky.

The chair itself uses a high-quality leather fabric, so it is easy to clean and wipe down. It is perfectly symmetrical so that both right-handed and left-handed dental professionals can use it. The chair provides a variety of optional features, so it can be customized to perfectly fit the needs of a particular office or mental professional. Some of the features include a range of headsets, rotating armrests, mobile food control, or a children’s pillow. This dental chair is priced based on each individual chair sold and its features. It is a bit more expensive than other options, yet it is much more efficient and has many more functions.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.