Professional Hairdressing Scissors: Buying Guide, Care, and Maintenance

Want to invest in the right professional hairdressing scissors? Well, it isn’t that easy. Plus, there are lots of companies out there selling hairdressing scissors. This makes it confusing to choose the right professional hairdressing scissors for all your hairdressing needs. Even more, if it’s your first time in this business, things can be more confusing. However, that doesn’t mean choosing any professional hairdressing scissors you come across. With a few tips and guidelines, you can land the best professional hairdressing scissors on the market. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right professional hairdressing scissors. Plus, you will also learn how to clear, care, and maintain your professional hairdressing scissors. Keep reading!

Test Drive

Consider asking the scissor’s manufacturer to allow you to conduct a test drive. Plus, the company can make a demonstration. With a test drive, you can be sure that it’s properly working.

Scissor Sizes

The size of the scissors is important. So, be sure to inquire about the size before making any purchase. Remember, different sizes cut differently. Also, certain cutting techniques work well with certain sizes. In most cases, longer blades tend to be cleaner, safer, as well as easier to use. So, before making any purchase, consult with a professional. He/she should be able to direct you accordingly.

Short blades are usually perfect for certain haircutting techniques but potentially dangerous for others. Long blades can be easier and safer to use, but you should be able to find the most suitable pair.


Like any other hairdressing products, the brand is important. So, purchase from the best brand. Stay away from new brands with little experience in the industry. Purchasing your products from the right brand guarantees you quality, effectiveness, and durability.


Before purchasing your first pair of scissors, you should be able to test them with your own hands. Hold, open, and close them to feel the difference. And then work your way through a couple the most expensive pairs performing similar tasks.

This will make it easier for you to choose the best pair. If the price doesn’t relate to its efficiency, then listen to your gut instinct. You really don’t want to waste your money on an item that won’t deliver optimal results. So, take your time to compare different scissors before making your final decision.

Find out the advantages offered by each type and only settle for scissors that deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Toothed Vs. Texturing

 Before purchasing hairdressing scissors, it’s important to understand the differences between toothed scissors and texturing blades. These two types of hairdressing tools are important in any beauty shop. However, they serve different purposes. Understand the benefits of each of these scissors. Also, ensure that you have adequate training as far as how they are used is concerned.


Like any other tool, scissors require a warranty. Without a warranty, you cannot be sure of durability, functionality, and continue maintenance from the supplier. So, ask for a warranty. Ask the supplier about the brands he/she deals with. Ensure that the warranty covers all types of mechanical damages. With a warranty, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your scissors can serve you for years to come.

Payment Options

Are you ready to invest your hard-earned wages in hairdressing tools? Well, start by purchasing high-quality scissors are shears. They’re an incredible tool for every barber or hairstylist. Ask the seller you’re considering about the available payment options and then settle for what you’re comfortable with- you might not have so much money to splash out all at once.


Are you purchasing more than one pair of professional hairdressing scissors? Well, then discounts can save you a lot of money. So, consider asking for a discount. Also, if you have a colleague or friend you want to recommend, you might qualify for a good discount.  Most scissors brands will want loyal clients. So, recommending clients to them will automatically earn you huge discounts.

Sales Service

In the modern business landscape, after-sales service is what makes companies stand out from the rest. With after-sales service, you can sure of professional follow-ups—which gives you the confidence to run your salon. For instance, if they have tuition and coaching on hairdressing techniques, that will be ok. You might also want to learn about how to care for your professional hairdressing scissors. Other sales services that might benefit you include:

  • Servicing—this includes oiling, sharpening, etc.
  • Care—a good supplier will automatically educate you on the best professional hairdressing scissors care practices. This includes how to handle, use, and store your hairdressing scissors.
  • Maintenance—the durability of your professional hairdressing scissors is dependent on maintenance. That’s why you should learn about the best maintenance techniques.  And that’s where a good supplier comes in. He/she will educate you on the best professional hairdressing scissors maintenance tips and tricks.
  •  Assembly—a good supplier will also educate you on how to assemble your professional hairdressing scissors. Among other things, he/she will give you an easy to follow assembly manual.
  • Cleaning and washing— professional hairdressing scissors require proper cleaning. Also, you will need to use certain detergents to clean your scissors. A good supplier will train you on how to better clean and wash your professional hairdressing scissors.


Before purchasing any professional hairdressing scissors, do your research. With research, you will have a myriad of options to choose from. Do a good Google research and you will definitely get enough options. Sample at least 10 brands. Then go to the websites of those brands/suppliers. Look at the pricing. Try to ascertain the quality of the products they are selling.


When it comes to making online purchases, reviews can be a game-changer. So, don’t ignore reading customer reviews. Read all reviews concerning the product you want to purchase. Were the customers happy? What were the common reservations regarding that tool? What was the overall satisfaction of the past 40 clients? These are some of the questions you shouldn’t ignore when purchasing professional hairdressing scissors. Also, stay away from brands with excessive negative reviews. It signals that their products aren’t excellent. Likewise, avoid companies with excessive fake positive reviews. They might have hired people to write reviews just to attract clients.


Get referrals from colleagues. You can also consult professional hairdressers you know. Also, colleagues can be a great source of referrals. Remember, a dissatisfied client is unlikely to refer a friend for the same product. Thus, you are sure of getting referred to the right professional hairdressing scissors supplier.


Also, consider looking at the testimonials of that supplier. Go to that supplier’s website. Then go through it—you will see the testimonials section. Ascertain the type of projects they have undertaken in the past.

Key Facts about Hairdressing Scissors You Should Know

Hairs are an extremely important part of the human body. They help in protecting you in numerous ways. Head hairs, for instance, help in grooming your personality. And for you to cut and trim them, you need a pair of professional scissors. From parties and conferences to parleys, hairstyles are an essential component. As such, you’ll readily find numerous types of haircutting scissors in today’s market, but all of them aren’t necessarily reliable. So, it’s always better to go after the professional designs.

Operation and Sizes

Basically, scissors are manually operated cutting machines. Scissors are now available in different sizes and shapes. Most hairdressers and barbers use hair-clippers, which are either run by motors or single handles. Hair scissors are specifically designed for trimming and slimming hair. Remember, each of these designs plays a significant role in different hairstyles prevalent these days. Barber scissors outfitted with convex blades, for instance, are perfect for cutting hairs with tight curls whereas long-tail scissors work best for long hairs.

Professional Scissors

These scissors provide your hair with a well-groomed look. While in the salon, you might have seen your hairdresser or barber making use of thinning shears. They’re quite different from normal scissors and feature unique loops for the index finger and thumb. They’re often utilized for thinning off the thick section of the customer’s hair. When it comes to scissor dimensions, there are numerous options to consider, but it all depends on the preference and comfort of your customers. Most of them are fabricated with high-quality steel. However, steel is sometimes used with steel to make the edges sharper and more sophisticated. You can either purchase them in shops or online.

Professional scissors are generally made of high-quality alloy, silver, as well as steel. Plus, they’re rust-free and highly durable. Even more, they don’t cause any infections to the human body. So, if you aren’t using them already, you’re missing out on something very valuable. How your hair is groomed determines how presentable you’ll be before others- so take good care of it!

Care and Maintenance

A full set of high-quality scissors is essential for hairdressers as well as stylists. This makes it easier for them to cut and style hair and a more efficient and convenient way. So, whether you’re looking for razors, hair clips, shear scissors, or rack combs, you need to make sure that they’re of the best quality and manufactured by reputable companies. Cleaning the scissors regularly and taking good care of them will ensure that you get a reliable and long-lasting service. Plus, it also helps in ensuring that you and your customers always remain hygienic.

Here are some proven tips that’ll help you to effectively take care of your branded barber scissors and keep it efficient for long:

Handle the Shears Carefully

Hairdressing scissors must be handled with utmost care. Plus, they should always be kept in a protective case. Accidentally dropping them might end up damaging the alignment of the blade and making the cutting edge dull or blunt. And you really don’t want that happening, right? If the blades get damaged, you might need to spend a lot of money on repairs. So, avoid using your scissors for cutting papers and opening bags.

Regular Cleaning and Sanitization  

For effective maintenance, it’s always advisable to clean your hairdressing scissors with soap and water. You can then dry and sanitize your device by rubbing alcohol on it or using an appropriate sanitizer.

You may also want to utilize an autoclave to sanitize the shears. Regular oiling of scissors doesn’t only keep them in top shape but it also safeguards your shears against rusting and prevents them from getting stiff. Remember, using stiff scissors can be painful, uncomfortable, and might also result in the unsatisfactory cut.

Sharpen them With the Best Tool and Tension

Aside from having sharp blades, your hairdressing scissors should also feature the right tension that shouldn’t be too high or too low. This makes it easier for you to handle and use them. Loose blades due to their low tension and improper handling often lead to poor haircuts. While tighter blades might leads to discomfort. That’s why you need to make sure that your scissors are sharpened and well-suited for delivering effective results.

Store Them Properly

Storing your hairdressing scissors in a storage box helps in keeping it dry and protected against moisture as well as other environmental factors. This will, in turn, ensure that your device gives you’re a long-lasting service and optimal value for your money.

In the current market, there’s a variety of haircutting scissors that offer outstanding reliability to both students and professionals. Basically, student kits are manufactured with steel while the expert’s equipment is produced with high-quality steel.

The Bottom-Line

Choosing the best professional Hairdressing Scissors isn’t easy. With lots of online vendors, getting it right with the choice can be difficult. However, the above tips and tricks will guide you to the professional hairdressing scissors you can be proud of. These are the tips you need to purchase the right professional hairdressing scissors. Also, use the above tips and tricks to care and maintain your professional hairdressing scissors.

Drew Neisser