Top Tips For Personal Safety On The Street

Staying safe is an essential part of our everyday lives and something which can seem difficult when we read the newspapers or the internet. While we can’t prepare for every single situation, taking steps to maintain our safety can reduce your risks of being involved in a violent incident. We have put together some of the smart ways you can help to keep yourself safe when out and about.

Vary Your Route

Human beings are creatures of habit, but this has the risk of putting you in danger. If you have a steady routine, it is far easier for people to notice and track this, and helps to tell them exactly where you will be and when. Those with nefarious intentions can then plan an attack much more easily. Try to mix up your routine, taking different routes or alternative transport now and then to make yourself less of a target.

Be Public

If you are worried you are being followed, the first thing to do is to remain in a public place, such as a busy street. If possible, enter a crowded area such as a restaurant or bar, to make sure you are fully visible and protected. You can also head to a police station if one is close by and accessible via a public route—this is sure to deter anyone who may be tracking you and allows you to report the incident.

Make A Noise

It is a good idea to always carry some form of noisemaker with you when travelling alone. Rape alarms emit a high-pitched sound which will alert a passer-by if you are in danger, and can be easily activated if you are overwhelmed. A whistle can also be a good deterrent if you feel threatened and is useful for attracting attention and help.

Be Assertive

The instinct of many criminals is to head for the easy prey; those who look weak or vulnerable. When out walking, make sure you move with confidence and assertiveness, even if you feel the opposite. Look as though you know where you are going, stand tall, and look confident. This action means you are less likely to be a target.

Choose Your Weapon

If it is legal, it can be a good idea to carry some form of defence, such as pepper spray, at all times. Make sure you check the rules of the area you are in, however. Some states prohibit certain items, and you may be in trouble if searched. The last thing you want is to be making friends with a Toronto criminal defence lawyer  by mistake! Make yourself aware of the rules to help you stay safe, but also legally compliant and protected.

Trust Your Instincts

Your instincts are the most powerful weapons you have—use them. If something feels wrong, a person seems ‘off,’ or your gut tells you it is a bad idea, then get out of that situation in the fastest, safest way.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.