Pandemic Response: Delivering Instant Communication With TrueDialog

The current world situation is highlighting several problems in our overall communication and response infrastructure. Right now, we are seeing many businesses shutting down, at least for the duration of this Coronavirus pandemic. In many parts of the world, governments have ordered the shutdown of non-essential businesses and buildings. Retailers, who have been struggling in general under the dominance of e-commerce, have been hit especially hard. Many restaurants may still be open for takeout and delivery, but wait-staff are finding themselves with fewer shifts. 

Even people living in parts of the world that haven’t been hit as hard are finding themselves out of work and running low on resources. The U.S. government is finding itself pumping money back into the stock market in a desperate hope to avoid a recession. The outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus pandemic are shedding light on ways that we must adapt and improve going forward. Disasters have a way of doing just that: casting a shadow that informs us just how and where we need to focus our efforts.

In the past, there was not a form of instant communication. Not long ago, the radio and television were the media forms on which people would be forced to rely on in a time like this. As Fleeing New Yorkers Are Told to Quarantine, Trump Says U.S. ...

Those forms of communication were far less reliable. Sending messages in this way depends entirely on the individuals you’re trying to communicate with being present on those devices. It’s a far cry from where we are today, constantly attending to our phones, which has become the primary mode of communication.


Improving Communication During Pandemics


One major area begging for improved standards is ineffective response and messaging during emergencies. Most of us get our news from third party sources — typically articles online. While this is great for keeping us generally informed, there are times when a direct, coherent, and prompt response is necessary. 

One issue is knowing whether or not doors are closing due to mandatory quarantine or self-imposed social distancing measures. That’s a fine yet critical line: citizens deserve to know exactly how serious the situation has progressed. We often find ourselves receiving conflicting information as well. Thus, we are forced to rely on each other, and our places of employment to communicate efficiently and accurately.

It should come as little surprise that the best messaging and response speeds tend to come from within businesses. It only benefits a business to keep its employees informed, especially in a time like this. Many of us have found ourselves working from home, perhaps for the first time in our careers. While maintaining social distance by working from home looks to be a crucial step in flattening the Coronavirus pandemic’s curve, many workers are finding themselves greatly challenged by the adjustment. 

The American workforce tends to lean on and support each other in the workplace. It wasn’t long ago that this kind of work-from-home shift would have failed. But thanks to the internet and technologies like text messaging and virtual phone systems for remote employees, communication is not only possible but increasingly efficient. 


Leveraging Text Messaging for Emergency Notifications 


Almost every business with an office-based workforce operates via some kind of messaging platform. It’s here that all manner of work is conducted; from sharing documents and project statistics to quick on-the-fly notifications regarding routine office operations. 

This technology is proving to be the saving grace of every company that can conduct their work from home. Now, employees are granted moment-to-moment updates regarding company expectations and changes in operations due to this pandemic.

Employers are also able to rely on their employees and trust that good work is being done despite the ever-mounting challenges presented at a time like this. Beyond just employees, businesses can effectively communicate to clients and customers as well through text messaging. Businesses can direct employees and customers to useful portals of additional information quickly and efficiently.

Cloud-based communication is a massive factor when evaluating the proliferation of instant, reliable messaging. Companies like TrueDialog provide secure, cloud-based messaging, including SMS texting. Such platforms achieve their services due to huge advances in cloud computing. TrueDialog’s ISO 9001 database is a crucial component in their platform to ensure the highest reliability when it comes to making sure important messages are delivered securely.




While the world struggles against this current health and economic crisis, we can remain hopeful and grateful that science and technology have led us to the point where we can maintain relatively functional lives. 

We can still hear from and even see our friends and family. We can stay up to date on the state of the pandemic. Many of us can even continue working from home and maintaining our livelihoods. Due to effective response systems established by a variety of companies and technologies, we can tackle this outbreak with more efficiency and hope than many humans in history.

Angelee Editor

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