Meet Alex, The $100M CEO Who Finally Cracked The Code on Lead Nurture, And How His New System Could Change Your Agency.

Alex Hormozi is an American Entrepreneur and a businessman who founded and established three businesses; Gym Launch, ALAN, and Prestige Labs. The philanthropist has managed to scale his businesses to $100 Million in cumulative sales across the primary industries; service, software, e-commerce and brick, and mortar. The gradual growth to success happened in less than four years since the inception of his first business in 2017. What is impressive yet astonishing is that the acquisition mastermind never used third parties investments instead of generating internal financing. As a result, Alex is widely considered as an acquisition and monetization expert. 

Alex became captivated by fitness and bodybuilding in his teens. He was privileged to get a mentor to walk through his path to unravel his ambitions and passions. Therefore, he developed the principles of lifting and healthy living, which spearheaded his zeal throughout his college to his career’s early stages.

Alex graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Strategy from Vanderbilt University. He spent several years consulting for government agencies. His inner drive to finding his niche and maximizing his passion led him to open his own business. Like other entrepreneurs, Alex faced a lot of hurdles during the early stages of the business establishment. He was unable to pay for his rest and ended up spending nights on his gym floor. 

Gradually he started reinvesting a percentage of his earnings towards developing systems and practices that were consistent and repeated. Other gym owners were impressed with his strategic approach and inquired about his implementation and mitigation strategies. The idea triggers Alex to start Gym Launch to help other businesses to flourish and persevere through the turmoil. From his experience, the Niche King shares some of the insights to upcoming entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Bottlenecks Facing Small Businesses

The entrepreneurship failure rate has never been lower. Roughly 22.5% of businesses close after a year. However, what is intriguing is that 62% of US billionaires are self-made. What the statistic offers, therefore, is an insight that with the right combination of skills and expertise, you are unlimited and capable of achieving the impossible.

Major hiccups experienced by many enthusiastic investors mainly surround the lack of clarity and ignorance of significant subject matters. Getting right the strategic approaches and techniques of lead generation, lead nurture, and sales are the secret to kickstarting a successful journey.

Lead Generation

When not correctly done, lead generation may derail the growth and conversion rates of many start-up businesses. To sustain your business, you need to increase the frequency of converting leads into customers and customers into sales. On average, 74% of companies have a top priority, focusing on converting leads into customers. However, some leads don’t convert. As a result, they kept gobbling on the marketing spend. Alex advises on the need to nurture such leads with the future anticipation of converting them to sales. A reasonable lead conversion rate sits somewhere between 2% and 5%. 

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing, on the other hand, goes hand in hand with lead generation. With time, googling clients may make their mind, and nurturing them during the waiting period is vital. More or less, 96% of visitors who check your website aren’t ready to decide yet. Most of them may be analyzing your package and comparing it with some of your competitors.

The statistic, therefore, points out the need for lead nurturing. Alex advises on the need to implement concrete strategies to nurture the leads along the consumer path. 

Sales Closure

Closing a sale is the most critical aspect. Sales make the business run, and without generating revenue, the business will not grow; in the real sense, it will be the end of your journey as an explorer and entrepreneur. Ensure appropriate sales closing techniques have been put in place, and all loose ends have been tied out.

 In Summary

 Making the small changes as guided by Alex in the book he authored “Gym Launch Secret step by step ebook, you will gain insights to tackling your fear and drive your business to success. You will gain milestone achievement, increase profit, reduce overheads, and keep clients longer while building a solid referral base.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.