How to Use the Potential of Reviews to Reach Your Business Goals

With the online presence becoming a pillar of a well-prospering business, the companies had to face new challenges. The reviews can bring all their weaknesses to the spotlights, but at the same time, they’re a great tool for attracting clients. Check how to use the reviews in a thoughtful way to make your business grow.

Once the online rating systems have become common, everything has changed. The potential clients would suddenly be able to check what the other customers thought about the company with just one click – in search engines, on social media, or dedicated websites and apps. While the rating can cause some stress and pressure, it also creates many possibilities for the business. Thus, currently, the most common approach is encouraging the clients to add reviews.

Why is it worth having as many reviews as possible?

With the online offer being so broad, the easiest way to choose is by checking the number of reviews and looking through them. Playing it safe won’t do the job since the fewer reviews you have on your website or social media, the more distrustful the customers will be. Of course, by reading the negative reviews, they won’t get convinced either. However, if there are many reviews on your website (mainly positive), the less enthusiastic ones are less visible.

You’d like to learn more about taking advantage of rating systems? Check how to use reviews to facilitate reaching business goals instead of making it harder.

Displaying the reviews on your website as an effective way to attract potential customers

In the case of e-commerce businesses, the reviews usually refer to particular products and are embedded in the product specification. In other sectors, the websites often serve as business cards. Thus, the customers cannot submit the review there, relying on social media or Google instead.  

However, it’s worth taking advantage of the reviews’ potential by placing them on your websites. Choose a few that are the most relevant for your target group and display them on the slider in a well-exposed part of the website. The more details they include, the better. You may ask: how to gather the best reviews on my website? The best way is to collect them from different channels by using online tools. Think about embedding google reviews as well as social media ones. With the appropriate widget, you can place them on your site without copying and pasting or editing the website code.

Dialogue matters. How to minimize the impact of negative reviews?

Negative reviews will appear on your social media channel sooner or later, even if you do your best to please everyone. The most important is how you react to them. 

  1. Don’t delete the reviews – we assure you the clients will notice it, even if you’re very quick. The exposure of this practice may be compromising for your business.
  2. Don’t buy reviews – it’s illegal, and if it comes to light, it might cause you some big trouble. Do your best to earn your good reviews – it’s as simple as that.
  3. Respond to the reviews – both positive and negative ones. Avoid drawing blame on the client even if you know that your business rose to the occasion. Try to explain the situation and offer some treaties to make it up for the customer if your company is really to blame.
Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.