How to Use Groovy Bot

So, you’ve got a server, and also you need to advise a song to humans, what’s going to you do? You think about sharing links, however, it’s too mainstream given that anyone will pay attention to their personal time. 

How about paying attention to something together? In that case, meet groovy bot for discord. 

What is Groovy Bot? 

Groovy bot is one of the methods in which you may flow your song on-line and proportion it together with humans in your Discord Server. It helps diverse song web sites in comparison to every other bot, even as additionally helping a huge variety of instructions. 

Getting started with Groovy is straightforward, and it no longer requires you to join any service. What’s extra? It’s free of cost! Though it nonetheless has an alternative for top rate functionality. 

Why have to use Groovy Bot?

  1. One of the maximum solid song bots to be had for Discord. 
  2. No sign up required 
  3. Lag-loose and clean to apply 
  4. Comes with a number of features, together with converting the bot’s output volume 
  5. Supports diverse audio results like Bass boost, night time core, vaporwave, and so on. 

How can I upload Groovy Bot? 

Adding Groovy bot in your Discord is extraordinarily clean. Just observe the steps 

  1. Go to the Groovy bot website. 
  2. On the website, click on at the “Add to discord” button Step 
  3. After that, supply get admission to groovy of your discord account Step 
  4. That’s it, you’ve delivered Groovy correctly in your discord server. 

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Now begin listening! How to apply Groovy Bot? 

Using a cool bot is more straightforward than you think, the builders have launched tutorials on the way to use Groovy, you may take a look at that as well.

 For now, let’s undergo the steps: 

Step 1: To begin the use of the Groovy, you want to sign up for a voice channel first.

Step 2: After that, use the –play command to inform Groovy to play a track. 

Step 3: Once you input the command the song bot will routinely pass beforehand and be a part of your voice channel and begin gambling your asked track. 

How to Play Spotify songs with Groovy Bot? 

It’s clearly honest to play Spotify on groovy, because of its clean-to-use interface, you can still play songs via Spotify, very without difficulty thru groovy.

Step 1: Open Spotify and pick out the track which you need to play with Groovy. 

Step 2: Next, click on at the extra, then click on proportion and replica the playlist hyperlink. 

Step 3: Now open up your discord server and paste the hyperlink observed through –play command 

Step 4: Happy listening! List of Groovy Bot Commands Groovy may be used for exclusive obligations including gambling, pausing, resume, and converting tracks. 

Simply undergo the following instructions and take a fee of your song:

  1. Start gambling song, or provides to the queue: -play [link or search query]
  2. Play the connected file: -play the file
  3. To make the bot be a part of: -be a part of 
  4. Displays the queue: -queue 
  5. Skip to subsequent track: -subsequent
  6. Skip back: -back 
  7. Removes all tracks from the queue: -clear 
  8. Skips to the desired music: -jump [track position or title] 
  9. Displays lyrics for the gambling music: -lyrics 
  10. Pause playback: -pause 
  11. Resumes playback: -resume 
  12. Removes the desired music from the queue: -remove [track position or title] 
  13. Randomizes the tracks withinside the queue: -shuffle 
  14. Displays information approximately the desired music withinside the queue: -track  


So that changed into our tackle Groovy Music bot. It’s one of the exceptional systems for song fans and may make a network extra attractive as well. Music is cherished through all, so why not pay attention to it together?

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