How to Turn Your Small Business Website into a Lead Generation Magnet

So you have a well-designed small business website, but is it getting any new leads or sales for you? If your website is not generating new leads, it may be time to add some lead generation magnets to it.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is essentially a technique or form of techniques used to gather information about prospective customers that will give you an opportunity to promote and sell your products or services to them.
The great thing about using lead generation in your small business is that once you are able to get leads for your product or services, converting leads to paying customers is easier – since they have already been pre-qualified to buy from you.
Your website is the ideal place for adding and using lead generation magnets. If your website is not currently generating leads, here are five tips and resources that you can use to start getting new small business leads:
1. Give away a free resource guide or educational report to prospective customers.  Educational guides and free reports are one of the easiest resources that you can create to generate leads and market your products and services to prospects.
Here is an example of a nicely designed free report on traffic generation by Ryan Diess.


Source:  Ryan Diess

Source: Ryan Diess











2. Give away FREE samples or 30 day trials of your products and services.  Giving away free samples or trials of your products and services – according to is one of the most effective methods of client aquisition there is.  Besides..people loveeee freebies!

Source: Shakeology

Source: Shakeology













3. Host a free webinar on the topic of your choice. Webinars allow you to position yourself as an authority and subject matter expert in your industry.














4. Add an incentive to your freebies. Incentives give you the opportunity to offer freebies to prospective customers “risk free”.












5. Add a Call-to Action to all of your freebies. This is very important. A call-to-action or CTA is an action that you want visitors to your website to take. Some examples of calls-to action are: “Download Now”, “Sign up Today”, “Call Us Today”.
Newsletter SignUp Example








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