How To Start A Successful Dental Business

The last few years have been a difficult one for dentistry. Patients have often stayed away due to covid and are only now beginning to return as the pandemic drops off the evening news. Patients returning to the dentist represents a growth opportunity for the smart dentistry, and here are a few simple things to consider for how to grow your dental clinic or business.

Handle your online reputation

When a potential patient decides on a dentist, the overwhelming majority these days look online first, particularly at patient reviews. Consequently, it is important to encourage positive reviews and address negative reviews.

For positive reviews, it is important to encourage satisfied customers to write them. Shortly after their visit, send out an email or text directing them to where they can write positive reviews, whether on Google or Yelp.

Negative reviews are not good, but they also represent an opportunity. Upon getting a negative review, immediately (within less than 24 hours) reach out to the customer and ask if there is anything you can do to help them out. By showing that you are responsive to complaints, you can turn that negative interaction into a positive.

Practice Content Marketing

Content marketing is another key part of online advertising which focuses on creating content. This content can take on many different forms depending on what you are good at or what your dentistry specializes in.

For example, you could start up a blog detailing how a dentist business operates, or key tips for how patients can take care of their mouth. If you are more ambitious, you can craft short videos and upload them to a YouTube or social media page.

The key is that whatever form your content takes, you should make sure to provide it regularly instead of “whenever I have free time.” Regular content helps establish a bond between your business and potential customers.

Don’t forget offline

Online marketing is critical, but that does not mean you can neglect offline marketing. You can consider paid advertising through radio or your local newspaper if you have the cash, but there are other, cheaper alternatives.

Network with other local businesses and dentists to find local opportunities, and make sure to offer opportunities to them in return. Offer charity or scholarships which show that your business is part of the local community and cares about others.

No business wins by hiding away. Whether online or offline, the key is to get out there and show yourself as a caring, responsible dentistry that values more than the bottom line.

Customer Service

It may seem obvious, but customer service remains a critical part of any business. Your patients will interact with your front desk staff before they ever meet you, and first impressions are everything.

Make sure to train your front desk staff well, and that they have the technology needed to efficiently schedule customers without taking up too much time. A healthy smile upfront ensures that customers will return to get healthy smiles of their own. Front desk staff should also inform consumers of additional options, such as payment plans, treatments, and how to leave feedback. 

Brett Sartorial

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