How to Start a Hunting Guide Service Business?

Many people are into hunting, and there’s no doubt in how hunting can help wildlife conservation and population control. Some avid hunters even think of taking their passion to the next level and that is by venturing into a hunting guide service business. No matter how expert you are in hunting, it’s still crucial to take into account some factors that involve starting a hunting guide business. For example, you need to be well-aware of how to use firearms safely and what attachments to use for successful hunting. In terms of scopes, you can get detailed guides on the Scopes Reviews website, however, you also need to get properly trained.

Therefore, in order to make sure your hunting guide business skyrockets and becomes a success, we have mentioned some ways in this article. Read on!

Confirm Your State and Local Regulations

Every state has different rules and regulations for the hunting guide business. Some states require you to have a license, while others require you to be a member of specific associations.

Therefore, it’s compulsory to check with your state’s wildlife agency to prevent any problems down the line. You can visit your state’s wildlife agency website, or you can visit them in person to know further details.

Location for Your Hunting Guide Business

In order to hunt on either a private or government-owned property legally, you need to have a permit and you again need to confirm additional requirements from your state’s wildlife agency.

However, you can start your hunting guide business by leasing or purchasing land. Asking the landowners around the land you want to invest in can also give you a better understanding.

You should also keep in mind that different kinds of hunting require different lands. For instance, if your business will be hunting waterfowl, you will need to get a permit for wetlands instead of forests.

Furthermore, you should watch out for your competitors as well. If there is already a well-established hunting guide business in the area you want to hunt, you may struggle to get clients.

Build Necessary Skills

Even if you are a professional hunter with years of experience, you should still work on some of the skills that will help you get more clients down the road. Remember that simply hunting on your own and running a hunting guide business is different.

Hence, some of the skills that you need to work on are first aid skills, communication skills, organizational skills, and teaching skills. It might be helpful to take a refresher hunter safety course at This will ensure you are able to lure more clients into your business and build goodwill for it.

Enroll Yourself in Hunting Guide Training Courses

Some states require hunting guides to take training courses that will prepare them to comply with hunting regulations in their state and cover other major topics as well for running a successful business.

Even if it is not a requirement in your country, enrolling yourself in a hunting training course will allow you to start your business in a breeze.

You can easily search online for training schools in your vicinity. Some of the common schools you will find are the big game guide school, bear guide school, waterfowl guide school, and deer hunting guide school.

Purchase Hunting Equipment

You want to provide your clients with the best services, so you can grow big in the future. Therefore, it’s vital to keep all the basic hunting equipment with you like tree stands, GPS, maps of the hunting area, ground blinds, and firearm equipment.

Having proper knowledge of how each and every single piece of equipment works is a must as well. This way, you will allow easier and victorious hunting for your clients.

Start Small

Although every businessman dreams big and wants their business to reach the heights of success as soon as possible, it’s essential to remain patient and take small steps wisely.

You may be the only person in the start who will be making all the necessary arrangements for the hunting excursion, however, you can gradually start to add more employees to your business structure.

The main thing is to provide exceptional services to your clients, otherwise, you may hurt your reputation which may restrict your business from growing.  

Advertise Your Services

You can’t expect your clientele to build up without marketing your services. Therefore, you should try networking with people in the same business as you because this will give you exposure.

Attending hunting shows will also allow you to connect with avid hunters and you can ask them to join you for successful hunting adventures.

In addition to this, it’s essential to create your hunting guide service website and add your packages as well. This will make you more credible in the eyes of your potential clients and will make your business more discoverable.

Moreover, signing up on different social media platforms will give a boost to your business as the majority of people use social media nowadays and it’s easier to spread the word there.  

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