How to Pick the Right Lawyer for Your Business

To be a good business leader, you must be a stickler for compliance with the law.

From contracts, employees, taxes, and licenses, real estate to intellectual property, you will need help in ensuring your business follows the law. And that’s where business lawyers come in handy.

Not everyone is the right fit for your business. Statistics show that there are 1.34 million lawyers in the U.S. alone. Below are tips that can help you in choosing an expert who would safeguard your business. Let’s delve right in.

Start Early

If you are looking for a lawyer only after being sued, you are late. They are not the last resort, rather, they are a pivotal part of establishing your business. Clearly, it would be suicidal to wait for a legal wrangle before making an attempt to find a lawyer.

A great idea mixed with zeal makes for a good business tag-team, but it will never suffice. Your business idea has to be chaperoned through the legal regime you are operating in. Start by consulting a lawyer and finding out what exactly you need to do and what the pitfalls are.

From partnership agreements, licensing, tax regulations, compliance with regulations in your area or operating, product development and patents, involve your lawyer to ensure you do not make a mistake that may have ramifications in the future.

Find a Lawyer Who Knows Your Niche

Just like doctors, lawyers are becoming increasingly specialized. Not all individuals or law firms have the same expertise and area of focus.

While there are “generalist” lawyers who can help your business function, you may need a lawyer who is a specialist in your field. Such “niche” lawyers should be experienced, have a solid track record, and more often than not, have a higher percentage of their caseload dedicated to cases similar to yours.

For instance, if you are looking for lawyers who are experienced in navigating the blockchain and cryptocurrency terrain, the lawyers over at have made quite a name there.

Even if you can’t find a anyone who is well-versed in your niche, you should find a lawyer or a law firm with people who are willing to learn and get acquainted with your niche.

Do the Necessary Footwork

Person Signing in Documentation Paper

Finding a lawyer is not always simple. Sometimes you have to scour many options to find the right fit because there is a wide array of factors to consider.

Often, the first factor that affects your choice of is cost. You must know how much you are willing to spend and find an expert that would give you value for money. But don’t be cheap. A cheap and incompetent legal advisor can cost your business several times more.

Your lawyer should also be accessible and should give priority to your needs. It is a mistake to go for a lawyer who has a truckload of cases such that your business needs would be relegated to the background. To be safe, take your time to interview and review various candidates before settling on one. 

In Sum

Don’t be afraid of lawyers. Don’t think they are in to milk you dry. Instead, see them as a key part of your business particularly from the inception of the business. With a good lawyer, your business can take a turn for the better.

The above-listed points are a primer that can help in ensuring that you make the right choice in securing a lawyer for your business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.