How to Operate Your Restaurant to Maximize Profitability

Opening a restaurant in today’s economic climate is even riskier than in the past. A large number of restaurants close within a few years for various reasons. Even restaurants that are extremely popular close due to mismanagement and overall ineptitude. Maximizing profitability during the busy times of the year can allow a restaurant to survive the slower times of the year. There is so much money wasted at restaurants due to ordering too much and lack of care by staff. The following are tips to operate your restaurant in order to drive up profitability.            

Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers

Heavy-handed bartenders can result in an establishment hemorrhaging money each time a customer is served a drink. Measured liquor bottle pourers will help eliminate this although some regulars at the bar might not like this. Far too many bartenders give friends free drinks which is something that needs to be stopped now. The drinks are not the bartender’s to give away although some bartenders might bring in huge crowds due to their generosity. These pourers will also make it easier to make sure liquor is ordered appropriately when inventory is low. 

Specials to Push Certain Items 

The restaurant might notoriously order too much of an item due to some weeks being busy and others being slow. Specials to push items that are overstocked can help reduce the amount of food that is wasted. Food waste can be immensely expensive depending on what is being wasted. Lobster or oysters can drive up a huge number when it comes to waste. The creation of weekly specials can be great to get people in the door on slower nights of the week. Without a special, you might need a dumpster rental to get rid of all of the spoiled food that has accrued. 

Referral Programs 

Referral programs are going to be important as new customers can turn into loyal customers with quality food and service. Giving away a free appetizer is all it takes at times. Appetizers usually cost a fraction of what they are charged to the customer. A free appetizer can get a person in the door as long which is half of the battle. 

Delivery Options

The world in the age of Coronavirus has led restaurants to offer delivery options that otherwise would have never considered it. Get listed on the various food delivery platforms as this can be a great way to supplement income. Getting your own delivery driver might not be the best option as food delivery apps are likely to have far more people when compared to people actually calling in. Certain foods do not travel well which is something to consider. Take the time to see how much sales go up when delivery is offered.

Running a restaurant can be stressful and rewarding simultaneously. The world today has generated a challenge for those in the service industry that needs to be conquered. Take a look at your accounting books to see where you can save money and generate revenue. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.