How To Learn More in Less Time

Have you heard ‘There are no shortcuts?’ That is true for things in life that you want to retain for a long period of time. Shortcuts may get what you want quickly but it won’t be with you in near future. Learning may be dreadful for many but unavoidable for every student. Every student has to constantly face the issue of studying for tests and exams. The majority of the students go through learning for the sake of passing exams, only a rare few studies for the sake of learning new things. You simply can’t do a lot of learning in a short period and remember it perfectly. There are certain steps that could be taken to enhance learning ability and save time.

Pay attention the first time

What you are learning must be given full attention the first time it is being taught. Being inattentive during the lecture makes it difficult to recall at the time of self-study hence taking more of your time to understand it.

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Study Aid

A better way to enhance the learning process is through study aid. A private tutor can provide 1 on 1 attention, explain in different ways, and make you prepare for tests. Home Tutor in Lahore is being provided by Ninis Tutor Academy for the improvement in studies.

Constant revision

Revision cycles should be maintained. The loop of revising previous topics must go on and on. In the end, there will be no need to allocate extra time for the revision from the beginning, instead, it will be relaxing knowing that the preparation is completed.

Concentration without distractions/focus

Do not go near social media during study time. It will exhaust your time for no gain at all. Do not even use Google for looking at a meaning (use a dictionary instead). The time we live in has too many distractions in the form of convenient access to gadgets. Avoiding these distractions will increase productivity.

Fix schedule

Doing stuff randomly or as per mood is a recipe for disaster. Make a schedule and follow it strictly no matter what. This schedule is not meant to be made and followed weeks before the exam; it is to be maintained throughout the term. Small daily contributions will amount to a large bundle of learning which cannot be gained by rushing at the end.

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Study break

Continuously running machinery has a higher chance of breaking down, a car running constantly will eventually heat up. Since the brain is being used up during the study, it needs to be given rest for better performance. Take mandatory study breaks to freshen up.


Avoid cramming a lot of stuff on a particular subject at a time. Mixing up the study schedule with different subjects helps in retaining more knowledge collectively. Just like in a school where the daily timetable is followed instead of doing 1 subject all day. This variation helps the brain not get bored in constantly learning the same stuff.

Practice test

Instead of completely focusing on the textbook or notes only, taking some sort of test and analyzing what has been learned against what has been produced in practice tests will help to point out the weakness immediately. This way there will be no need to rush at the last moment.

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