How To Grow Your Photography Business With Social Media

Humans are visual creatures. Pictures capture scenes and memories more powerfully than any words can ever hope to achieve. As a photographer, capturing these scenes and memories is the heart of your business. What brings in the revenue, however, is about your photography business is able to engage customers on social media. 

  1. Engage With Your Audience

Many photographers believe that they need large audiences to succeed on social media. However, even with less than 1,000 followers, it’s possible to succeed on social media and drive revenue growth for your photography business. Because of this misconception that small groups of followers are useless, photographers often neglect their followers, with the idea that they will engage more when they get more followers. This is the wrong approach. 

Connect with your followers to build a strong relationship with them. 1,000 true fans who are willing to pay $100/year for your work, can be the basis of a strong business. You want your followers to be passionate about the work that you do and feel as if they have a special relationship with you. So stay connected with them, reply to comments, and direct messages and seek to provide more and more value to your followers, regardless of how small the number. You may find that these followers enjoy your content so much that they bring in new followers for you.

  1. Get on Podcasts

You also want to get people to become more aware of you. A cheap way of achieving this is by getting yourself invited onto a podcast. You can achieve this by offering value to the host. For instance, you could create a profile on, so that podcast hosts can find you.

Look out for media doppelgangers, that is, people who take the same kinds of content as you do, and have already appeared on podcasts. Then, you can target those shows because they have already shown an interest in your kind of content. 

  1. Blog About Photography

It may seem counterintuitive, but blogging about photography is a great way to get people interested in your work. You see, when people are interested in something, they like to read about it. 

Writing will also help develop your communication skills, which you can use later for your marketing content. You can feature your photos in your writing, which will help your readers appreciate your work more. 

  1. Improve Your SEO

All serious photographers have websites. The success of a website depends upon your ability to get traffic. This means improving your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). At Armanko Photography, for example, a lot of work goes into ensuring that the company’s website SEO is constantly improving the visibility of the website on search engine results. 

There are various ways that you can improve your website’s SEO. For instance, you should use the appropriate keywords in the website and optimize page titles. Other tools for improving SEO are:

  • Your website should be user-friendly. 
  • Loading times for web pages should be low. 
  • Old content should be frequently refreshed and broken links removed.

Brett Sartorial

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