How to Get Google Reviews

You know how crucial good customer reviews are for retailers. You can promote your business by getting positive reviews and feedback from customers on social media.

Google reviews may be the best type of review your business could get. A plan should be developed by independent retailers who want to increase their business.

And that’s where we come in—as experts in independent retail, we’ve put together a primer on why and how you should plan for more Google reviews. In this post, we’ll go over:

Convert your internet browsers to in-store customers

You can maximize your profit with every transaction by up-selling and strategic merchandising online. You can turn internet browsers into buyers in store and reimagine retail’s fundamentals.

Google reviews are the best reviews you can get for your company.

Review are available Social proof Consider social proof the “proof of our ability to do good.” Opinion of a group. Essentially, if a lot of other shoppers liked your store, then there must be something to that opinion—the group has decided there’s something worthwhile going on. It’s like the power of word of mouth, amplified. Shoppers: 79%A survey found that people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

That social proof helps build brand trust, even when a shopper hasn’t ever bought anything from you before. Reviews are crucial in helping shoppers make the right buying decision.

Tip: Customer reviews can help you identify what your customers love. This information can be combined with reports from your POS, used to identify top selling days and high-performing products. You will also find the most influential employees.

Google reviews may be the most popular, but they are not always accurate. The They are the most relevant and prominent reviews you can get for your business. The top rankingMost-read reviews. As potential customers use Google to search for businesses, they see the reviews front and center—your reputation is right there on display. 

Google reviews may also be helpful in ranking you higher.This is especially true for shoppers near you. If there’s just one reason to care about how to get Google reviews in particular, this would be it—the visibility they can bring could put you at the forefront of a potential customer’s mind. 

Here is the thing, though: you can’t get some good reviews and then be set. You need to have new good reviews posted regularly for the consideration-boosting power to stay effective. Shoppers: 38% won’t make a purchase if your reviews are older than a month, and 97% consider the recency of reviews important for purchase consideration. Many customers prefer recent reviews to the quantity of reviews. 

Here are 4 ways to improve your Google review score

So, as we’ve established, a steady stream of new Google reviews will build social proof for your business, and it will help tip the scales in your favor for purchase consideration.

But that’s easier said than done. To help you out, we’ve compiled 4 tips on how to get Google reviews so you can get that stream going. 

What are the rewards that I could offer to Google reviewers?

You need to have good reviews on Google all the time. Well, that’s easy, right—just offer a reward for leaving a review. This disclaimer states that the review was given as part of a promotion. It is common to see this on websites. This is what you can do for Google reviews.

No, not really. Google It is explicitly forbiddenThey discourage the offering of incentives to reviewers, whether good or not, for offering them money in exchange for their reviews. Reports indicate that there are instances of Google is taking an action against businesses that have used incentives like giveaways, even if they’re not monetary. It’s not worth the risk. 

1. Request reviews from customers after they have purchased

You’ve done everything right. It’s clear that your website design is professional and user-friendly. And, it makes shopping in store all the more worthwhile. You can use this positive feeling momentum to gain more Google reviews.

It’s best to ask right away while the experience is still fresh in their minds. To remind customers that they can review your company on Google, you could add an additional reminder to the receipt template. Your sales team should also be trained to get feedback from customers and leave reviews.

A tool such as IkeonoYou can text your customers to provide customer profiles following a purchase. You can also give customers a link so they can write a review on Google. Google offers instructions here on how to make that link. 

Customers will not leave reviews for online orders until the order arrives. In the shipping confirmation email, you might ask for reviews. You could add something along the lines of “don’t forget to let us know what you think once your order arrives,” along with your Google reviews link. 

2. Response to reviews

This might not seem like the most straightforward tactic, but if you’re serious about how to get more Google reviews, don’t discount the power of being engaged. Responding to reviews from customers shows that you’re a responsive and engaged owner of a business. This helps to humanize the brand and reinforces positive customer experiences. 

Customers It is almost twice as likelyIf you reply to customer reviews, it will make your business more trustworthy. Customers who feel ignored or not appreciated by your business can lead to increased customer turnover.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how the positive perception could translate to more reviews. Customers see it’s worth their time to give you a Google review, because you’re listening.

You don’t need to spend too much time on each reply. Be concise with your replies. Recognize their review, and thank them for it. Invite them back. 

3. Make use of the Google Business Profile Marketing Kit

Google created a marketing toolkit that your company can use to advertise your business, remind customers to review it and encourage them to do so. In the marketing kit, you’ll find posters, signs and stickers that you can customize to display in your store. 

Putting up a few reminders in your store can keep reviewing at the forefront of your customers’ minds. And because you’re using the marketing kit, you’ll get high-quality materials without needing to spend a lot of time or budget. 

4. Post good reviews on social media—and let your followers know where they can leave their own review

Google Business Profile Marketing Kit includes post templates that you can use for showcasing positive reviews on social networks. By posting good reviews on your social media profiles, you extend the power of social proof to an audience that isn’t actively searching for businesses like yours on Google.

Good reviews can also be used as reminders by sales representatives or stickers on your windows. This encourages customers to act and leave their reviews. You may also be featured on the profile. That extra level of engagement can make customers feel extra appreciated, and like replying to reviews, ensures customers know they’re being heard. 

You can also include a Google prompt for a review if you leave a positive review. 

Negative reviews: How do you handle them?

If you ask for more reviews, it opens up the possibility of getting more Bad reviews. It’s a fact of doing business: even if you go above and beyond for customers, someone might have a bad experience on occasion. 

But don’t let the risk of a bad review temper your efforts to get more reviews. It’s better to have a few negative reviews than too many overall. In reality, Customers are more inclined to shop to trust review scores that aren’t perfect, because a perfect score can come across as fake.

Unfortunately, you can’t ask Google to take genuine negative reviews down, even if you think they’re unfair or an incorrect assessment of what happened. Only bad reviews can be deleted in an emergency. Few select situations:

  • Spam and fake reviews when a review is from someone who isn’t actually a customer, or is posted multiple times.
  • Off-topic reviews: Reviews that are not related to the services received by the customer.
  • Content that is restricted or prohibited: Reviews that allow the purchase of restricted goods, such as guns and alcohol, reviews with illegal content (copyright infringement) or reviews that contain terroristic content. 
  • Sexually explicit contentReviews that contain explicit sexual material. 
  • Derogatory or offensive content Review that contains offensive language or is threatening, abusive or demeaning to your staff or group. 
  • Impersonation: reviews where the reviewer is posing as someone they’re not.
  • Conflict of Interest: If you are a manager, or your employees have written a review. 

Negative reviews can be used to show potential customers you’re a thoughtful retailer that works hard to improve things. Reacting to customer reviews will make you appear professional. How You must respond to all reviews. 

Google Reviews that are negative can be turned aroundYou can create a Playbook if you have one posted to your Google Business Profile:

  1. React quickly to any negative feedback. Negative reviews should be addressed within one week. You will look great to customers, and you have a better chance of winning the customer back.
  2. Your responses should be concise. You should respond in a couple of lines.
  3. Take a professional tone and don’t defend yourself, even if you think the customer is wrong. Unfortunately, trying to correct unfair or untruthful reviews just looks like you aren’t listening and can turn potential customers away. 
  4. Ask the unhappy customer to have a private conversation and discuss ways in which you can improve, including a promotional offer on their next purchase. Keep in mind it’s a bad idea to include contact information in responses—just tell them they can get in touch through contact information they can find on your website. 

Use our tips to keep the Google reviews coming.

Google reviews are crucial. They boost your SEO, convince potential customers you’re worth a visit and enforce brand loyalty with existing customers.

Customers may be motivated to buy if they see positive feedback. Ecommerce stores are the best option to harness that potential energy. This allows them to browse the products you offer and then make a purchase.

Our team can assist you in setting up an easy to manage ecommerce shop for your company. If you’d like to learn more, Get in touch

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