How to Get a Good Business Loan this 2020

Being an efficient business owner requires not only excellent business understanding but also having a capacity to handle and generate consistent production sales as all businesses need to have a steady cash flow. Without it, nothing can be started nor improved. Hence, obtaining the right business loan is crucial and a significant deciding factor for a business to grow, or to fail. 

Business loans are investments that can be used as a stepping-stone for long-term progress, which can be challenging to maintain as well as challenging to obtain in the first place. As all financial decisions are not made quickly, banks and loaning companies initiate comprehensive assessments before taking approval. Unfortunately, most small business owners get rejected on these loans due to some common mistakes. 

This article discusses the importance of getting a business loan and avoiding common mistakes; this also provides tips into getting the right loan as well. 

Providing Unclear Financial Data

One mistake that small business owners make and ultimately get rejected is because of inaccurate records. In reality, banks need accurate information to determine your business health before placing their investments. As a business owner, it is a must to understand that banks take risks as well, and it is important to provide accurate information and proof that your business can sustain itself and repay the requested loans. 

One way to mitigate that mistake is to provide factual data. Small owners would try to change their data without realizing that banks do a thorough verification process before they consider your loan. To increase your chances, provide honest and accurate cash flow data and other needed requests. 

Changing Income data and Expenses

When taking a loan application, you need to provide lenders a good idea of your financial health, especially on cash flow. Yet, many businesses change small numbers in their data. Modifications in your data might make your business look better. This would go against you in reality.  

Lenders are equipped with accurate knowledge and network connections that could review the applicant’s data, and if inflated data is determined, then this could be an automatic refusal. 

Incomplete Data and documentation

Applications take time to be approved and come with paperwork that you need to provide over time. And thus, attention is required. 

This is also crucial as some business owners fail to prepare supporting documents with their application, such as but not limited to; Past tax returns, proper business proposals, and timely balances. 

These relevant documents could delay or stop the application from being presented.

Application with low business and personal credit score

Banks and lenders will run reports in your business and personal credit histories. This is essential for a first-time business owner as your credit reports shall be the basis for the application and will be considered. 

As far as credit goes, it is advisable if your requested amount should be realistic and useful for your company. The amount should be just enough to cover the expenses needed and can be paid promptly. 

Late document submissions 

Getting approved considers not only financial and credit data, but also your credibility and professionalism. This should not be a concern, but unfortunately, some owners get delays and refusals because of this behavior. 

As someone who’s hoping for approval, provide documents on time. Impressions to the bank are essential for approval.

Not getting a specific loan allocation

Business owners will never be approved for a loan if you don’t present a clear idea on how to utilize your loan. Banks will check and know everything from your past data to future goals. So logically, knowing how you spend the money can also affect the approval rate. 

Having this in mind, get loans if you’re planning to upgrade your business, add another branch or purchase equipment, these reasons will give you a higher chance of approval. 

Requesting loans from online lending websites

It is wise to check out loaning institutions with flexible and more accessible approvals. When taking approvals from direct lenders and banks, it’s harder for new business owners, so one recommendation is taking an online loan service. 

For example, certain websites like CreditNinja offer flexible loan programs for various purposes. Application is secure, and approval is swift, you can check them out on


Business loans are as essential as profit. The majority of business owners take this option to improve the business and ultimately invest for longer terms. As an entrepreneur, take time to study and understand that loans, no matter the amount, take time to process and thorough assessment to the applicants to maximize profit and lessen risks. 

And as the one to request for such loans, be proper and make sure your plans are realistic and the loan requested is within your capability to pay.

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