How to Find Photography Jobs with Business Development

Building any successful business has many working components, and while there is no fast track to immediate success, there are many ways you can work in the background to strengthen your marketing campaign, elevate the visibility of your work, and attract the clients and jobs that you want. With a creative business, like photography, the artistic elements of your marketing strategy will play an even more important role, as this will directly speak to the type of artist that you are.

Finding Your Visual Voice

Developing a clear and consistent branding message for your work is just as important as the work itself. Consistency is key when crafting your brand, delivering the right tone and creating your visual signature. The goal is always to be a strong artistic voice with a clear vision. Staying consistent with your visual voice provides a focused and direct message for your potential clients to let them know the type of product they can expect from you. Delivering the message you want will ensure that you are hired for the jobs that you know you are best for.

As a photographer, it may feel like your work should visually speak for itself, but it’s important to remember that everything from the photos that you feature on your website, to your logo, to the graphic design elements of your marketing content, will speak to the type of work you create. Letting your future customers know exactly who you are and what you deliver will help in attracting more inquiries from your desired customer base.

However, creating a strong visual signature can sometimes prove challenging for a working creative, as your own interests and inspirations will develop and change throughout your career. Because of this, your visual signature may shift and change over the years. Allow the idea of your brand to remain flexible in your mind, so that it may grow and develop alongside you to stay consistent with your artistic voice. 

Getting a Different Perspective

All creatives, from brand new artists to veteran professionals, should continually check in with their messaging to ensure that their visual voice is staying in line with what they are currently creating. Your work will be reflective of the artistic values you hold when you create it, so your marketing should be reflective of that as well. Checking in with your branding at least once a year to fine-tune your messaging is a smart and effective way to make sure that you’re staying current.

It can be hard to reflect on your own work and view your marketing content from an unbiased perspective. Sometimes, bringing in outside eyes, like the valued opinions of fellow creators, can be incredibly enlightening. Hiring a professional can also be extremely beneficial and bring an expert marketing point of view to your process. Working with a marketing agency that understands the importance of branding for creative businesses, like Agency Access, can be a great way to check in with your visual voice and see that it’s growing alongside you.

Taking the time to develop and maintain a clear and consistent brand for your photography business is a major part of your marketing strategy, and, if done correctly, will ultimately bring in the right jobs and make your business flourish.

Ryan Kh

Ryan Kahn, known as a career coach and television personality. Ryan Kahn is founder of The Hired Group, author of Hired!