How to Find the Perfect Office Space?

Whether you are looking for a new office for your growing business or you are unhappy with your current situation, finding the perfect space can be a lot of work. Not only does it need to be a great fit for you and your business needs, but your other employees need to be happy in the building too.

So, what makes a great office space and how can you find it?

Amount Of Space

Ask yourself how much space you need before you start your search. It’s a good rule of thumb to plan for 1,000 square feet per five employees.

Does your business require more room than most businesses? Do you need a large conference room for brainstorming? Or would your business be better suited trying to rent a private temporary workspace in Los Angeles? Ask yourself these questions. You will not only learn more about what you need, but you will be on your way to narrowing down your perfect office space.

Be Considerate

You are probably not the only one who will be using your new workspace. It’s important to take other employees lives into consideration. Ask each of them what area of town they live in. Uprooting their current office and moving it across town can be detrimental for some.

Ask their opinions on some items they would like to see in the office. Make sure you are not guaranteeing these items just in case you can’t provide them all, however, it is a good idea to know what will make others happy and productive.


It’s not the end of the world to find an office that is too large. You can always sublease the office to an individual and make some of your money back that way. If you begin looking at offices and are not finding one that works for you, don’t be scared to look for a larger space.

Trustworthy Agent

If you are working with an agent, make sure it is someone you trust. Ensure they are someone who has a good reputation online and is going to continue working hard until you are satisfied.


Almost everything is negotiable. This also includes office space. If you end up finding the perfect space but it is a little too high on the price scale, try asking them to lower it. Explain why you love the space and that you would love it if they could wiggle on the price a little. Back up your request with comparable spaces available at the lower rate.
In many cases, they will do it.


Many people have horror stories about their landlord. Make sure you are not the next in line with a story. Meet with the landlord before signing a lease. Ensure you are on the same page and have a contract drawn up with each item listed. This contract can save you a lot of time and money in the future. Try and meet face to face with the landlord so you get a feeling for each other. If you have any gut feelings negatively or positively towards the landlord, now is a good time to listen to them.

Summing it up: How to Find The Perfect Office Space

Finding the perfect office for your business is a great feeling. If you find yourself looking for an Austin office space for lease, make sure you follow these steps, so you are happy with the outcome. After having your kind of space now it’s time convert this space into office. Designing your office is the first task to ensure the proper space usage of every corner. Also, you can make your office look more elegant with the designed ceilings. To get more details or to hire a professional you can have a look at


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