How To Find Office 365 Product Keys

Nowadays, most commercial software, like Microsoft Office 365, require some sort of protection to stop unlawful installation and copying. For instance, they’ll ask for a product key before you can complete the installation process

That’s why if you’ve lost the product key for some reason, you might end up looking for it so you can proceed with the re-installation of the software suite. 

Continue reading this article to learn some ways of finding Office 365 product keys. 

Office 365 Product Keys: What Are They?

Unless you’re a tech-minded person, you probably don’t know what Microsoft Office product keys are all about. Before you know it, you might’ve taken them for granted, resulting in their loss. However, it’s essential to understand that they’re crucial when installing a Microsoft Office application. 

In its simplest terms, Microsoft Office product keys refer to strings of numbers or letters that the software decrypts to determine whether your installation or copy is authorized and legal. They’re typically required to verify your eligibility for the Microsoft product support for your business and personal use. 

On the other hand, product keys are put into code inside the Windows Registry, which is why looking for it manually in case of loss will probably not work. Although you’re able to find the correct registry key, it might still be useless because what you’re going to see are strings of numbers and not the product keys that you can use. 

Office 365 Product Keys: How Can You Find Them?

If your version of Microsoft Office is 365, there are some ways you can consider when finding product keys. As mentioned, these combinations of letters and/or numbers are necessary before you can copy and reinstall Microsoft Office software. 

Below are some ways to locate the product keys for your Microsoft Office 365 version: 

1. Check Your Microsoft Office Account 

If you’ve installed the Office 365 software and already utilize the product key before but is lost or misplaced now, you can use your Microsoft Office account information to retrieve the key. 

You just need to go to the online Microsoft Office store and log into your account. Look for the “Install from a disc” and later on, the “I have a disc” button. From there, you can now click the “View product key” to recover the product key and complete the reinstallation process. 

2. Look At Your Personal Documents And Emails

Generally, newer versions of Office, such as 365, don’t have a readable format saved on the computer. Because of this, you need to search for your personal documents and emails to find the product keys. 

If you’ve bought your Office 365 from the Microsoft Store, you can check your email for the digital receipt. In most cases, this copy of your receipt has the product key included in it. However, if you’ve got the software from a physical store, take out the original discs or its physical packaging and search for the card or sticker with the product key in it.  

Lastly, if you’ve bought your computer with a registered version of Office 365, you can see the product key on the holographic sticker attached to the unit. 

3. Find The Key In Your Online Store

In case you can’t locate the receipt, the best thing to do in order to recover the product key of your Office 365 is to check with the online store yourself. 

To get you started, visit and log into your account. After signing in, go to the Order History and find your order. Click the “Install Office” and the “Hi. Let’s get your Office” options to retrieve the product key. 

4. Use A Key Finder

Even if the software is installed, but you still can’t locate the product key, then using a program called key finders can be an excellent option. This program can be used to quickly find your Office 365 product key along with other keys for your other installed applications. It can decrypt codes to ensure you can go on with the successful reinstallation of the software. 

To get the most out of this method, the first thing you should do is to choose a key finder program and have it installed on your computer. Once you’re done, launch the key finder, and it’ll start to scan all your installations on the computer and display the product keys of all supported software, including Office 365. 


With the information mentioned above, it’ll be much easier for you to find the product keys of your Office 365 version in case you’ve lost or misplaced it. By following these tips, you’ll always have an idea of where it is and how to access the keys in case you need it.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.