How to Deliver Clutter-Free Meeting Rooms

There is no doubt that today’s meeting rooms look incredibly different from those even 5 years ago. As businesses and technologies continue to develop and improve, not to mention what’s happening in the wider world, the way we work with colleagues, partners and customers is becoming more reliant on new devices and collaborative solutions. 

Meeting rooms now provide an environment to bring colleagues together virtually as well as in-person, without compromising the experience for either side. However, for many businesses this has taken some adjustment as teams learn to integrate new solutions. Here, Kinly take a look at how to improve the meeting room experience, in particular when it comes implementing new hardware. 

The challenges of the modern workplace

Today’s workplace offers a hybrid approach, which means work is no longer a place but an activity. Being able to stay in touch and manage employees who may be in multiple locations can be challenging if it’s a new concept for a business. In some cases, employees could even be in different time zones or travelling, and they must still be able to communicate effectively with colleagues or clients.

Meeting rooms of the past have seen a complete overhaul in terms of technology, to allow for a workspace that works for everyone, no matter where they are. In particular, having a neat, well-maintained meeting space can be at the top of many business’ priorities, creating an easy-to-use room that looks and feels professional.

The cables and excessive equipment that often come with audio visual technology is now no longer desirable for businesses who want a streamlined, modern meeting room. What’s more, being able to achieve video interoperability to communicate with people on different systems is absolutely essential.

Finding the right solution

With many different suppliers of meeting room technology out there, finding a solution that works for your business can seem challenging, particularly if you already have an AV system set up that you’re hoping to build on. One such supplier, Poly, has developed a new generation of solutions to deliver an effortless meeting experience with clutter-free equipment.

Poly Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams is just one example of how you can achieve clutter-free meeting room experiences, coupled with powerful audio and video capabilities. Designed to keep both table and floors free of messy cables, this type of technology can be deployed in meeting rooms of any size. Typically, the larger the meeting room, the more cables and hardware required, but Poly has found a way around this.

Solutions such as these are easily scalable, with simpler installation and maintenance, designed so that you can tuck away the hardware out of sight. This typically leaves just one cable connection to a touch controller, for an overall cleaner and less cluttered look, leaving your team able to focus better.

The right solution must also consider the importance of audio and video quality, as this will make a huge difference to the overall meeting experience. Ensure your solution of choice offers dynamic features like speaker tracking, powerful audio pickup and the ability to offer a secure environment for participants.

Research shows that 68% of employees are more productive when the space is aligned to their workstyle, while 67% of employees have jobs that require collaboration in the office. With that in mind, what’s your business environment, and what are you hoping to achieve by transforming your meeting rooms? 

Consider what will best benefit your teams and their collaborative abilities, and ensure they have the best chance to work together productively and effectively. With a clutter-free meeting room that offers quality sound and video, you can interact with colleagues as though they are in the same room.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.