How To Deal With An Arrest To Minimize Its Impact On Your Career

The first thought that many people have when arrested related to how their family or employer will react to the arrest. The truth is that there are so many successful people that have been arrested in the past. Arrests mean far less in a remote environment where an employee might never physically meet their coworkers. The building of rapport is still possible but the risks to the employer go down immensely. Arrests can be a sign that you need help as well as substance abuse can lead to legal issues. The following are tips to help you minimize the impact an arrest will have on your career. 

Hire Experienced Legal Representation

You never want to represent yourself in court for a myriad of reasons. Hiring an experienced attorney is very important if you have the budget to do so. There are certain criminal defense attorneys that specialize in certain cases. Seeking the help of a Raleigh DWI lawyer can be imperative as you do not want this charge following you for years to come. 

There are options for diversion programs if this is the first time you have been arrested for a specific charge. Diversion programs might require substance abuse counseling or anger management classes. Consider these programs a gift as not everyone is offered this. Plea deals are also usually offered to keep the conviction rate of a prosecutor high. Court proceedings can be lengthy so an offer might be made to avoid going to trial with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. 

Remote Workers Have An Advantage

The new normal for so many people is having the ability to work remotely. Heading to court might require you to take a random day off in the middle of the week. You can blame this on an appointment that was moved up as you likely will have a few weeks before going to court. Delaying court dates can also be done by an attorney if you want to wait until you have a solid few weeks of vacation booked. Virtual attendance was an option at a point in time due to the pandemic which is still present for lawyers in a number of places. 

Investigate Your Company’s Policies On Reporting Arrests

A person that has been arrested and told the company can be a valuable resource. You might have known someone that lost their job due to informing the company about an arrest. Arrests are going to differ immensely in severity with some being viewed in a far better light than others. If others have been terminated for your exact charges, not telling your employer is a wise decision. The worst thing that can happen is you are terminated which would happen anyway if you informed them. The tough aspect of being arrested is your might be falsely accused or it could even be a case of mistaken identity. 

Use the tips above to minimize the impact an arrest has on your career. A single choice should not impact your ability to get great jobs

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